Extractor Fans

Extractor Fans used in hydroponics are an essential part of the air venting and extraction process. They are powerful fans designed to move large quantities of air quickly and efficiently from one area to another. An important task for these fans is to get rid of the unwanted odours that often accompany the growth of certain plant species, as some plants may present a far more complex problem in this regard than others.

Ventilation is one of the primary considerations in any successful grow room or tent. Your extraction fan should be placed high within the space to remove as much heat as possible, with intake fans placed near the ground. Provide plants with plenty of fresh air to ensure a generous supply of carbon dioxide, which plants need for healthy growth and development.

The fans push the entire air mass in the grow space through the ducting and out into the fresh air (preferably away from other people), where the partially deodorised air will disperse in the environment.

When budgeting for your hydroponic system, you should factor in all the costs associated with providing the ventilation, including the ducting, the filter and all the necessary gear to support this equipment in terms of bearing its weight physically.

Incidentally, the fans on this page all refer to fans used solely for the extraction and venting of old air from your grow space. They do not refer to Air Movement Fans used to cause good air circulation in your growing area, preventing hot spots and micro-climates from developing.

Proper ventilation in your hydroponic growing area or tent is essential for healthy plant growth. For your plants to develop as they should, it is necessary to clean the air and remove all nasty particles from the environment as much as possible. The filtration of the air goes hand in hand with the actual venting process itself, so they should both be considered part of the broader function of ventilation and exhaust.

If you have a more extensive hydroponic growing system, you would probably benefit from using an air intake fan or perhaps a passive air intake. When taking this next step, there are many factors to consider, including your grow space, grow lights, and the capacity of the inline fan that you already use as the main exhaust fan. Consider the grow space and how it affects the quality of the environment outside, i.e. that of your neighbours.

How often you wish to change the air in your grow space determines what fan strength you should use. Generally, you should completely change the air in your grow room every five minutes.

Fan size depends on the amount of air requiring removal from your grow space, usually referred to as the CFM rating (cubic feet per minute) or Rated Air Flow, measured in cubic metres per hour.

There’s an easy way to calculate the correct size extraction fan unit you’ll need for your grow tent. Firstly you work out the volume in cubic metres of the growing space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Multiply the Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (to refresh the air in your grow tent).

Select the correct filter for your fan in terms of its power rating and how much air it moves in a given time.

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