Hi All, and welcome to Caliponics, a site dedicated to selling hydroponic equipment.

Your landing on this page shows you are interested in learning about hydroponics or are a veteran indoor gardener looking to buy excellent quality and competitively priced hydroponic nutrients, kits, and equipment.

We are not only an online site selling grow equipment; we are also a brick and mortar retail business located near Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England, where we can serve customers from many areas, to name a few:

  • Birmingham
  • Bradford
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Nottingham
  • Blackpool

Over the years, we have even seen customers travel down from Govan in Scotland and up from Southend in Essex, so you can imagine our service quality.

As major stockists of brands like Canna, Dutch Pro, Shogun and Mills “Pays the Bills” Nutrients, we feel we can offer all types of growers a great hydroponic selection.

We launched into the cyber world and became an online hydroponics retailer because everyone was asking, “Would you open a Hydroponic Outlet near me? ” to offer the excellent service we provide from our Yorkshire store.

We listened to our farming and indoor gardening community, and now we have something we feel is very special that will benefit anybody involved in hydroponic growing both in terms of value for money and technical knowledge.

One of the most popular reasons the hydroponic farming community use our site is The Cali Buyers Club.

Our club offers members up to 15% credit cashback to use against all future purchases. Yes, a continuous fantastic saving on all hydroponic Tents, Lights, Nutrients, Kits and all other hydroponic equipment we sell.

Click the link to see how it works and take advantage of our Free Registration offer.

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