Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan

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The Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan was designed to move large amounts of air and is perfect for hydroponic grow tents or rooms.

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Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan

The Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan was designed to move large amounts of air and is perfect for hydroponic grow tents or rooms. 

It runs reasonably noiselessly. The 150mm and 200mm sizes have an optional integral 3-speed controller model, making it possible to alter airflow without purchasing a separate product.

These Acoustic Silencer Fans offer a few handy features, and these include:

  • Isomax (Air Force 2) duct fans are prestige items 
  • Stylish build-quality duct fans
  • A variable 3-speed controller on 150/200mm models
  • Built-in silencing technology delivers extremely low noise levels
  • A high-torque motor produces tremendous air pressure
  • Energy-saving and reliable Swiss-built motor
  • Consistent and hassle-free to make sure that maintenance is seldom an issue
  • Two built-in hanging attachments for easy positioning

Key features include the baffle and acoustic lined chamber, which operates as a massive silencer on a handgun. This imaginative addition minimises the fan’s noise levels while simultaneously enabling the movement of enormous amounts of air through the ventilation system.

How to Decide on Which Model of Fan

Deciding which fan model to choose will depend on how much air you need to extract from your grow space; this ‘rated airflow’ is provided in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) or as Cubic Metres per Hour. You may find it handy to look at our article on hydroponic growing area air ventilation for further information. 

How the Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan Works

The Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan works to reduce noise output. The outer casing acts as a sound dampener and features a thick layer of insulating foam lining around its inside, giving extraordinary sound prevention. The fans have Swiss-manufactured, energy-economical motors, which markedly decrease electrical power usage, thus reducing your energy bills and making them incredibly cost-effective.

The 150/200mm model option with 3-Speed fan-controller system helps you decrease airflow output when this might be preferable, offering extra flexibility and means you don’t need to buy additional fan-controller units.

These fans are super-consistent. When installed, functional failures are exceptional, making them practically free of maintenance. They also have a thermal switch to eliminate overheating.

How to Use?

These fans push fresh air into a grow room or tent. To extract smells, you have to use this fan in combination with a suitably paired carbon filter. Always make sure the carbon filter can support the airflow levels these fans can extract. Otherwise, their effectiveness could reduce, leading to odours leaking out and decreased efficiency. 

Attach the fan after the filter. Old air pushes out via the carbon filter and from the grow room using the fan and then ducted out. The aligning of your fan must adequately correspond to the airflow direction in your extraction arrangement before hooking up your ducting. You will find hanging devices to ensure that the fan functions without difficulty. 

Make the most minor and straightest route to an exterior area possible in your extraction setup. Ducting arrangements which are way too long or have many corners will reduce the effectiveness of the extraction equipment and generate excessive noise. Some preparation in advance should go a long way in ensuring a better system, keeping the air that your plants depend upon to remain healthy and as refreshing as possible. 

The higher-torque motors on these duct fans are extremely powerful, so you mustn’t put your fingers anywhere near the fan blades when they’re operational. Doing so will end up causing real damage.



Where Can I Buy the Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan?

You can buy your Can Isomax Acoustic Silencer Fan without difficulty from our online shop.

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