Systemair RVK Fan

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Experience optimal hydroponic ventilation with the Systemair RVK Fan. Renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation, this fan offers seamless installation and consistent performance. Made in Germany, it’s available in multiple models to suit your specific needs. The RVK Fan is your go-to solution for maintaining the perfect climate in your hydroponic grow room or tent. Pair it with a Carbon Filter for an unbeatable ventilation system.

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Robust and Quiet: The Systemair RVK Fan for Hydroponics

The Systemair RVK Fan is the trusted ally for every hydroponic gardener seeking a reliable, easy-to-install ventilation solution. Crafted in Germany, this fan guarantees smooth, economical operation. It comes with the promise of durability, allowing continuous, trouble-free use for years, 24 hours a day. In addition, the equipment operates quietly and can be made even quieter by adding a silencer.

Key Features and Benefits

The Systemair RVK Fan offers several notable features and benefits for hydroponic enthusiasts:

  • Crafted in Germany for guaranteed quality and reliability
  • Exceptional durability for years of constant operation
  • Easy to install with included mounting brackets
  • Quiet operation with the option to add a silencer
  • Compatible with a carbon filter for effective air purification
  • Speed control via TRIAC or voltage
  • They can function as an intake fan in your hydroponic setup.
  • Available in multiple models ranging from 4″ to 12″

How Does this Product Work?

The RVK Fan is for inline installation directly into your ventilation setup. The fan can function as an intake fan, bringing fresh air into your growing space, or be connected to a carbon filter to purify outgoing air. The fan’s speed can be controlled via TRIAC or voltage, allowing for precise climate control within your hydroponic environment.

The fan is already quiet, but those who want an even more silent setup can add a silencer. Despite their quiet operation, these powerful fans ensure effective ventilation in your hydroponic setup. This balance of power and quiet operation makes the RVK Fan a top choice for growers.

How Do I Use a Systemair RVK Fan?

Installation of the RVK Fan is straightforward. To begin, connect a power cable to the fan’s IEC connection. It’s essential to note that a length of 3-core cable and a standard three-pin plug is needed to connect it to your mains electricity supply.

Next, position the fan in your desired location within the grow space ventilation system. Remember the arrow on the fan’s casing that indicates the direction the air will travel.

Use a duct clip to attach a suitable ducting length to the fan’s exhaust side. Then, feed the ducting through the duct port on your grow tent or into the area you wish to vent. If desired, attach the other end of the fan to your filter using a clamp or a small piece of ducting and a duct clip.

Recommended Equipment

For optimal performance, pair the RVK Fan with several other pieces of equipment:

  • Rhino Pro Carbon Filters: Pair your RVK Fan with the premium Rhino Pro Carbon Filters for optimal air purification. These filters use the world-renowned RC412 Australian carbon to effectively remove odours and pollutants from your grow space, creating a healthier environment for your plants.
  • Quick Release Duct Clips: These sturdy, user-friendly duct clips are essential for securing your ventilation setup. The quick-release feature makes them easy to adjust or remove, making your RVK Fan and other ventilation equipment easy to manage.
  • Aluminium Ducting: Connect your RVK Fan to your equipment with Aluminium Ducting. Lightweight and flexible, this ducting is built to last and promotes efficient airflow, ensuring your ventilation system performs at its best.
  • Rope Ratchets: Secure your fan with these strongly recommended Rope Ratchets. They offer reliable support for your RVK Fan, ensuring it stays in place to maintain the desired airflow in your hydroponic setup.
  • 5-metre Power Cable (IEC Lead): Connect your RVK Fan to the power supply with a 5-metre Power Cable. This IEC Lead ensures a secure connection to your mains electricity supply, providing consistent power for your fan to operate efficiently.

With these components and the robust RVK Fan, you can create an efficient, quiet, and economically friendly ventilation system for your hydroponic setup, promising healthier plant growth and a more enjoyable indoor gardening experience.


Where Can I Buy the Systemair RVK Fan?

You can shop for a Systemair RVK Fan without difficulty from our site.

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