Complete Lighting Systems

Complete lighting systems are an excellent way to buy equipment because you know you’ll get everything you need in one package.

Hydroponic growers use electric lighting of various sorts all year round to mimic the characteristics of natural light. They can control the growing seasons to get a faster yield, irrespective of what is happening with the climate outside.

There are three main kinds of lighting that hydroponic growers tend to use to grow their plants. These are Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL), High-Intensity Discharge (HID), which includes both High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs, and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights. Each has pros and cons, with a vast choice of sizes, prices and quality levels. It can be unclear to know what goes with what. So by buying a complete fixture or kit, you’ll always know you’ve got the right equipment to hand.

Complete lighting systems and kits contain all the equipment graded according to that system’s range and quality level.

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