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The ducting used in hydroponic systems provides a straightforward, cost-effective way of connecting the various components such as fans and filters to provide an effective ventilation system for your grow room or tent. Keep all of these securely attached using either jubilee clips or fast clamps. The components involved will generally consist of in-line duct extraction fans, carbon filters fitted in-situ with the fans, and air-cooled lighting systems.

You need to consider certain things when deciding on the kind of ventilation system you want to use and the ducting that will go with it. You should note that the system should be as lightweight as you can safely make it, as it needs to support both itself and the various components used in the hydroponic venting system itself, some of which can be heavy. Try to make the system as quiet as possible and consider the pressures within the ducting itself.

Much of the ducting used will be aluminium, as strength and lightweight material are very useful in combination. You’ll want to help keep the weight of the whole assembly down as much as you can by having a compact structure; you’ll need to fulfil just the one primary function of getting old air out of the growing area as fast as possible.

Most ducting manufacturers will be eager to remind growers that they should have as few sharp bends in their ducting systems as possible. Where turning a corner is unavoidable, it is always best to make that corner as gentle as possible. So try and make a gradual curve turn rather than a sudden elbow bend. The whooshing sound of the air will be much louder if sharp corners are encountered on the air’s journey out through the ducting. So try to smooth out those corners for a quieter experience.

Please also note the relationship between pressure and volume. If the volume is high in any closed system, the pressure tends to be low, while the opposite is true in smaller confined spaces with higher pressure. Generally, it’s best to have a slight negative pressure on the inside of your grow room or tent to encourage the air to expel.

The whole ducting assembly will be as high up in your growing space as you can make it. That’s where your extraction fan should be and where the hot air will rise. Intake fan ducting may be much lower or on the ground.

Designing your ducting system will pay dividends, so it may be a good idea to draw out a plan of how the various joined-up components will need to look in a smoothly functioning system. With this visual cue in mind, you may find it easier to build the whole thing if you know precisely how each piece should connect to the other.

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