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Grow tents are probably one of the most essential bits of kit needed for a streamlined hydroponic grow system as they form the shell to house all the growing equipment required for the hydroponic set-up.

The grow tent assembly uses plastic or metal tubes that form a frame for the outer tent cover to cling around. The framework doubles up, so you can hang LED or HPS lights and fans in different places around the plants that you choose to grow hydroponically.

There will always be outlets within the tent cover where you can attach extraction fans and filters to extract unwanted heat from the grow space.

Since grow tents contain all the equipment inside, they become one whole hydroponic unit that creates a microclimate that will help your plants flourish and bloom. They make the perfect set-up for hydroponic growing.

The inside of the grow tent material is usually silver or white and is perfect for reflecting PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). Plants have to have access to PAR to grow and bud.

Many tents use Mylar material which is excellent for the job and has been used for many years in hydroponic grow tent manufacturing.

Recently, BudBox has started using a new flat white reflective material that reflects more PAR light towards your chosen crop. This material can also identify the part of the spectrum not needed and reflects less of this light, giving your plants more of the perfect red and blue light. The white colour lining can help the tent stay cooler than an equivalent Mylar lined tent. Myler reflects more energy from the heat produced by grow lights, which creates a hotter environment making your fans and extractors work harder to keep the plants from overheating.

BudBox states that they use the best materials to construct their tents, and we have to agree with them.

Our hydroponic store stocks tents, from small, medium-size to XXL, for the hydroponic growers, thinking big.

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Grow tents help keep any smells contained within the tent, and as well as being an excellent place for LED or HPS grow lights to help your plants bloom, they also keep your crop in total darkness in the down period when your plants sleep. In a grow space, total darkness is hard to achieve, not using a grow tent.

Tents from BudBox come in a range of heights from 1m to 2.4m and are a great (if not the best) hydroponic solution to create a fantastic grow space within a standard bedroom or loft space.

Tents help produce a higher, better quality yield. They also help keep prying eyes from neighbours or competitors, getting insight into your private show winning indoor vegetable patch.

Why choose a top-quality Hydroponic grow tent?

A top-quality hydroponic grow tent should be an investment that you can repeatedly use each time you start a new indoor set-up. Cheaper tents, like those unbranded and imported on a small scale from the Far East and sold on sites like eBay, are poor quality with zips breaking, frayed stitching and flimsy support poles that don’t have the necessary strength for lights and end up breaking or bowing etc.

When cheap tents malfunction during the growth cycle, it can lead to losing the whole crop, so not having the gorilla strength of a BudBox Pro tent can often leave the growers with more problems and inconvenience. The loss of crops and money far outweighs what they saved in the first place when not buying a quality grow tent.

Our overall verdict

When it comes to hydroponic grow tents, buy quality and get value for money, creating fewer problems and giving your plants the best and strongest environment to grow in.

We recommend all the tents in our online store, but our experienced growers choose BudBox.

Beginners to the world of hydroponics could try the introductory option from BudBox, the “Lite” tent, which gives all the strength, quality and benefits of a BudBox Pro tent but at a lower price.

Experienced growers can be confident choosing the Budbox Pro and will never be disappointed. The tent helps produce the best yield imaginable, growth cycle after growth cycle.

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