Air Diffusers

Air Diffusers are circulatory units explicitly designed for use in hydroponic grow rooms or tents. They act as an extension of an Extraction fan’s capability and augment the fan’s power to provide healthy circulating air that stand-alone pedestal fans and similar products would otherwise provide.

You don’t need separate air movement fans if you want an even climate. Instead, you can free up floor space and mix air with a suitable air diffuser.

There’s absolutely no risk of windburn, over-fertilisation or nutrient salt build-ups caused by harsh airstreams because the Air Diffuser unit is never pointed directly at your plants.

Similarly, you won’t get hot spots around plants or other problems that circulatory air fans combat. With an Air Diffuser unit hung from your ceiling, air from the top of the grow room is pushed out just over the tops of your plants, which gently freshens the environment. It’s straightforward to suspend your Air Diffuser unit with rope ratchets or chains. 

Air Diffusers have several valuable features and benefits, and among these are:

  • Considered to be the best way to mix air
  • Guaranteed not to cause windburn
  • Saves floor space, which is usually at a premium
  • Prevents hot spots or areas of depleted CO2
  • Perfect for closed-loop or ventilated grow rooms

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