Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan

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Introducing the Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan, a hydroponic gardener’s dream come true. Growers can experience ultra-quiet operation and efficient air extraction with models capable of extracting between 1500 and 7000 m3/h. These units are crafted with lightweight, waterproof, flame-retardant material, making them the ultimate choice for a high-performance, safe, and quiet grow room.

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Experience the Future of Gardening with Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan: The Quietest Fan You’ll Ever Own

Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a passion that requires the right tools for optimal results. For gardeners who are serious about their craft, especially those in the hydroponic space, the Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan is a game-changer. This revolutionary fan is part of Airfan’s newest series, designed with cutting-edge soundproof foam technology. It’s the perfect blend of efficiency and quiet operation, making it an essential addition to any grow room.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Flame Retardant Material: Safety is paramount, and this fan consists of materials that are not only light but also flame retardant.
  • Superior to Wooden and Metal Fans: Forget the bulk and weight of traditional fans; this one is significantly lighter.
  • Waterproof Design: No need to worry about water damage; this fan can withstand moisture.
  • Thermal Insulation and Vibration Dampening: Experience minimal heat transfer and reduced vibrations, thanks to the innovative thermal insulation.

How Does This Product Work?

Airfan engineered these Box Fans for high performance and minimal noise. Their unique construction includes internal soundproofing and rubber grips that suspend the motor, allowing for whisper-quiet operation. The fans are available in two diameters: 250mm (10″) and 315mm (12″). Depending on the size you choose, there are variants able to extract air at rates ranging from 1500 m3/h to a staggering 7000 m3/h. This feature makes it ideal for spaces where efficiency and quiet are crucial.

How Do I Use an Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan?

Using these Foam Box fans is straightforward. Install it in your grow room, plug it in, and let it work its magic. The fan’s lightweight design makes it easy to mount, and its waterproof construction means you can place it close to your plants without worrying about water damage.

Recommended Products

  • BudBox Pro Grow Tents: These high-quality grow tents provide a controlled environment for your plants, ensuring they get the right light, temperature, and humidity. Paired with these Foam Box Fans, you can create a perfectly balanced microclimate for optimal plant growth.
  • SANlight EVO LED Grow Lights: Known for their energy efficiency and full-spectrum light output, these LED grow lights are a must-have for any serious gardener. They work seamlessly with the Airfan Box Fan to give your plants the ideal light and air circulation conditions, enhancing photosynthesis and growth.
  • PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting: If you want to make your grow room even quieter, PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting is the way to go. This ducting is designed to reduce noise and works excellently with the Foam Box Fan’s soundproof technology, ensuring an almost silent grow room.
  • Grow Bitz Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets: These rope ratchets are perfect for securely hanging your Grow Lights or any other equipment in your grow room. They are strong, durable, and easy to adjust, making installation a breeze.

Synergy in Your Hydroponic Grow Space

When used together, these products create a synergistic environment more significant than the sum of their parts. The BudBox Pro Grow Tents offer a controlled space where the Airfan can efficiently circulate air. The SANlight EVO LED Grow Lights provide the necessary light spectrum for plant growth, which is evenly distributed thanks to the fan’s air circulation. PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting further enhances the quiet operation of the fan, making your grow room a peaceful haven for plant growth. Finally, the Grow Bitz Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets ensure that all your equipment stays securely in place, allowing it to function at its best. Together, these products offer a comprehensive solution for any hydroponic grow space.


The Airfan Thermo Fan is the ultimate tool for serious gardeners. Its unique features, such as lightweight flame retardant material and thermal insulation, set it apart from traditional fans. It’s the fan that every hydroponic expert should have in their arsenal. Experience the future of gardening today with the Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan.

How can I buy an Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan?

You can easily buy your Airfan Thermo Foam Box Fan from our online store by selecting the variant you require using the drop-down menu above.

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