Ozone Generation

Hydroponics experts use Ozone Generation to naturally sanitise and oxidise the grow space killing bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi and algae without forming harmful by-products.

Growers utilise Ozone in hydroponics for the following:

  • It can sanitise fresh water in a holding tank before using in a hydroponic system
  • To sanitise nutrient solution in the mixing tank (pathogen control, algae control)
  • To sanitise the water used in produce packing or processing facilities
  • To deodorise the air in a greenhouse, growing room or packing room

Ozone is similar to the oxygen we breathe but with an extra oxygen atom (O2 becomes O3). But the extra oxygen atom is notably unstable, and it easily detaches and binds itself to any organic molecules it contacts. These would include scent molecules, moulds, bacteria and viruses, and these are the molecules that cause smells. These new molecules will become oxidised and destroyed when this contact occurs.

There are in-line ozone generators that sit within the ventilation and extraction system and the plug-in sort deployed in the room your grow tent is situated in, but not in the grow space itself.

You can use a plug-in ozone generator anywhere in your home to remove odours, bacteria and moulds, such as hallways, garages and kitchens.

Install in-line Ozone generators just after the fan, and allow sufficient space after the generator for the odour neutralising chemical reaction.

Such an arrangement enables the destruction of any residual plant smells. You set up the generator as an integral part of your extraction and exhaust system and switch it on. 

Ozone, being a gas, is very good at reaching all the hard to reach places, and this means it has a secondary action in actually sterilising your grow room and your equipment in between crop grows.

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