Grow Room Temperature

Grow Room temperature in Hydroponics should be strictly maintained between an accepted minimum and maximum range. Temperature and humidity are important metrics in any hydroponic setup.

Any hydroponic grow space should be maintained between an accepted minimum and maximum temperature. Along with humidity, the correct temperature is essential to create an ambient environment and can both be maintained easily with the proper equipment.

The optimal temperature range for an average hydroponic grow space is between 17°C and 22°C. However, many experts apply a stricter range between 18°C and 20°C, the optimal plant growth range. The temperature will alter slightly depending on the stage of the plant’s development and the species of plant growing.

Many experts recommend that the daytime and night-time temperature differences are kept to a minimum and should not differ by more than 10°C.

Always align the grow room temperature with the environmental humidity, which should be between 45% and 55%. These two metrics create the basis of the micro-climate within your grow space. With these conditions, your plants will be able to convert the light they receive into energy for the growth and production of the most abundant flowers and fruit.

Lights produce heat which can decrease the relative humidity of the environment. LED grow lights emit considerably less heat than traditional grow lamps (metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps), so they will have a more negligible effect on your growing room’s relative humidity.

There are several ways you can cool down the grow space. Venting is the primary cooling mechanism, extracting hot air outside and replacing it with fresh, cooler air. You may also use air-cooled hoods or water chilled lights and fans. Regular air conditioning is also a popular choice, though this is more expensive, and both water and air-cooled air conditioning can be highly effective.

Most hydroponics experts agree that temperature and humidity are essential factors in getting your plants to develop optimally and produce the most impressive yield at harvest.

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