Propagation Nutrients & Boosters

Propagation Nutrients & Boosters in Hydroponics consist of several highly complex bio-stimulants that help to promote the early stages of growth in seedlings and cuttings.

They contain a special kind of bio-stimulant and a kind of bio-available nitrogen. The chemical is an excellent root stimulant that improves plant health and aids branch development. Your plants will flourish to their total capacity if you give them this.

For the following, propagation nutrients are very beneficial:

  • Robust and quick root growth
  • Getting over transplant shock
  • Structure and nutrition uptake have both improved.
  • General plant life and wholesome development

Propagation nutrients & boosters in hydroponics are most effective during the start of a plant’s growth cycle and the first phases of flowering. It provides a boost of nitrogen to plants, assuring their growth. Additionally, it encourages excellent protein synthesis, which aids in the evolution of a robust root system and general structure.

They contain beneficial proteins that assist in reinforcing the cell walls of the plant and are rich in nitrogen, along with the seaweed component from Irish kelp and different acids.

Another essential product in this category is the rooting hormone gel. It has some handy features, including the following:

  • Dramatically raises the likelihood that your cuttings will succeed
  • Reduces the time it takes a clone to start rooting by naturally promoting the development of robust roots.
  • The risk of infection is considerably lower
  • It is compatible with all rooting plugs.
  • Nourishes the roots to develop quickly and healthily
  • It has an antifungal component that guards against stem rot.

The capacity of Rooting Hormone to successfully propagate plants and sustain consistent outcomes with a high strike rate has made it one of the industry standards. Furthermore, it is trustworthy.

It is a potent combination of hormones, vitamins, and mineral elements delivered in the form of a translucent gel. It will continue to contact the cutting stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones necessary to encourage healthy root cell development and the vitamins required to safeguard the cuttings’ delicate root tissue.

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