Grow Tents & Sheeting

Grow Tents and Sheeting in Hydroponics are what growers use to house the plants as they grow and develop effectively. Although the terms can be interchangeable, the tent is a more tightly controlled alternative to a growing room, especially if the tent is huge.

Grow tents are one of the crucial pieces of equipment for a truly successful hydroponic grow system because they are the housing and the basis for creating the ideal hydroponic growing environment.

With the grow tent being such an essential part of any growing system, investing in a quality one makes sense. There are some cheap tents which have poor quality zips and stitching. Their frames and corner pieces are often not as sturdy as they need to be, and the bars of these cheaper tents sometimes cannot support loads before bowing.

Grow tent selection is one of the most critical aspects of setting up your growing system, as a poor tent may lead to you having to replace it after a couple of harvests, or you may risk failing. You want a very easy tent to assemble and work in, with strong click-lock poles and sturdy corner pieces. This is important because all the extra weight load of the extraction system and the grow light(s) will require a strong support frame to carry them.

Sheeting in hydroponic set-ups is used either as an alternative to grow tents in rare circumstances, as an addition to the grow tent itself or to patch up where holes or gaps have developed. This sheeting is highly reflective on the inside so that it will bounce the light back into the growing space where it is most valuable, while on the other side, the material will be matt or have some other light-absorbent qualities.

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