LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights are the latest and most advanced lighting product that gardeners and growers alike have turned to in the past few years. They differ from regular LED lights because they produce a large spectrum of Blue and red lights, whereas household LED lights only provide one standard colour, usually white.

The fact that they do not produce a lot of heat is also a big plus to indoor gardeners, especially in the summer months when you would usually be struggling to keep your grow room cool and having to use multiple fans to extract the heat from the grow room/tent.

The life span of a LED grow light is much longer than the traditional HPS lights that indoor growers have used in the past. You could expect your grow light to last for as long as ten years.

Over the lifespan of the LED light, you can expect to save money against the replacement of HPS Lights. LED lights are a very low wattage light which brings massive savings in running costs to you, the indoor gardener.

Among the range of LED Grow lights our UK Hydroponic online store offers, we have LED lights that can produce a comparable spectrum and PAR output that you would expect from a traditional HPS grow light.

A little tip and a thing to remember when comparing the yield you produce from an LED light and an HPS light is the wattage. You will never get a better yield from a 240W LED light than a 600W HPS light used in the same area due to the wattage size.

Please do your maths and order sufficient lights for your grow space.

You should always be able to produce the yield you strive for with LED lights as long as you get the wattage and the distance between plant and light correct. See this article, The Best Grow Lights for Your Hydroponics System.

Traditional household LED lights do not have enough of the colours that plants/flowers need to grow. Horticultural LED grow lights are a fantastic choice for grow rooms due to the fact they produce a broader spectrum of the correct primarily light colours of blue and red, which are needed for the plants to flourish and maximise their yield.

The main reasons to use LED Lights over HPS Grow Lamps in a Hydroponic set-up, even though they initially cost more:

  • Firstly they are a much superior quality light.
  • They last many years longer than HPS.
  • LED Lights have much less replaceable consumables like reflectors and lamps, creating significant savings over time.
  • Many summer heat problems are alleviated using an LED Grow Light as they don’t require as many air extraction fans to keep the grow space temperature ambient and CO2 levels optimal. HPS Grow Lamps generate more heat and therefore need more extractor fans.

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