Phresh Hyperfan V2

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Discover the Phresh Hyperfan V2, the pinnacle of hydroponic air circulation technology. This fan, boasting a 9-pole EC motor, guarantees unmatched efficiency and whisper-quiet operation. It’s designed for seamless integration, offering 0%-100% speed control and compatibility with various controllers. The Hyperfan V2 not only optimises your grow room’s conditions but also significantly cuts down on energy costs. Ideal for all hydroponic enthusiasts, it’s the perfect upgrade for a thriving garden.

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Phresh Hyperfan V2 – Revolutionising Your Grow Room with Cutting-Edge Technology

The Phresh Hyperfan V2 is not just any fan; it’s a game-changer in the world of indoor gardening and hydroponics. Imagine a fan that’s not only whisper-quiet but also incredibly energy-efficient, giving your plants the perfect environment without ramping up your electric bill. That’s what the Hyperfan V2 offers. With state-of-the-art technology and a sleek design, this fan is here to transform how you think about air circulation in your grow room. Let’s dive into what makes the Hyperfan V2 a must-have for any serious gardener.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Advanced EC Motor Technology: Experience unparalleled efficiency with the latest 9-pole EC motor, reducing energy consumption by half compared to traditional AC fans.
  • Optimised Airflow Design: Thanks to the laminar aircraft blade design, enjoy higher air movement with minimal noise, perfect for keeping your grow room conditions optimal without disturbance.
  • Variable Speed Control: True 0%-100% speed control with compatible controllers, allowing precise environmental adjustments for every stage of plant growth.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: The Hyperfan V2 operates quietly, using soft start circuitry and self-lubricating ball bearings, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last with top-quality components and a 2-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability.
  • Enhanced Static Pressure Performance: Overcome airflow resistance with ease, perfect for setups with carbon filters or long ducting.
  • Easy Compatibility: The 0-10-volt signal control integrates seamlessly with a wide range of controllers for hassle-free operation.
  • Versatile Size Options: Available in 5-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch models to suit various room sizes and airflow needs.
  • Safety Assured: Designed with multiple safety considerations to prevent fire, electric shock, and other hazards, ensuring a safe and secure growing environment.
  • Simple Installation: Comes with everything needed for a straightforward setup, including a tethered fan speed controller for immediate use.

How Does This Product Work?

In the world of hydroponics, precise environmental control is crucial. The Phresh Hyperfan V2 isn’t just a fan; it’s a sophisticated tool designed to maintain the ideal conditions for plant growth. Let’s break down how it works and why it’s a valuable asset for any hydroponic gardener.

Innovative Motor Technology:

At the heart of the Hyperfan V2 is its 9-pole digital EC (Electronically Commutated) motor. Unlike traditional AC motors, this EC motor utilises electronic control to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy more efficiently. This feature means it consumes significantly less power while delivering higher static pressure and airflow rates. This efficiency is a boon for hydroponic setups, where controlling the environment without excessive energy costs is vital.

Aerodynamic Blade Design:

The laminar aircraft blade design is another prominent feature. This design optimises the aerodynamic movement of air, allowing the fan to move more air at a lower noise level. It’s essential in hydroponics, where steady air circulation is needed to prevent mould, mildew, and other humidity-related issues without creating a stressful environment for plants with high noise levels.

Precise Speed Control:

With its 0-10 volt signal, the Hyperfan V2 offers accurate 0%-100% speed control when paired with compatible controllers. This versatility lets you adjust the airflow precisely to match your plants’ needs at different growth stages, ensuring they always have the right conditions to thrive.

Quiet and Reliable:

The fan’s quiet operation, thanks to soft start circuitry and self-lubricating ball bearings, makes it suitable for indoor environments where noise can be a concern. Furthermore, the durability of these components ensures a long lifespan and reduces the need for regular replacements and maintenance.

Safety and Compatibility:

Designed with safety in mind, the Hyperfan V2 adheres to strict guidelines to prevent fire, electric shock, and other hazards, making it a safe addition to any indoor garden. Its compatibility with a range of controllers and various sizes (5-inch to 12-inch models) makes it adaptable to different room sizes and requirements.

In summary, the Phresh Hyperfan V2 works by combining energy-efficient motor technology, aerodynamic design, precise control, quiet operation, and safety features to create an optimal environment for hydroponic gardening. Its ability to maintain consistent air circulation with minimal energy use and noise makes it an indispensable tool for anyone serious about indoor gardening and plant cultivation.

How Do I Use a Phresh Hyperfan V2?

Using the Phresh Hyperfan V2 in your hydroponic garden isn’t just about plugging it in and turning it on. It’s about understanding how to integrate it effectively into your setup to achieve the best results. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you utilise this fan to its full potential, ensuring you feel confident in its operation and the benefits it will bring to your indoor garden.

1. Selecting the Right Size:

Firstly, determine the appropriate size for your grow space. The Hyperfan V2 comes in various sizes (5-inch to 12-inch), each capable of different airflow rates. Larger spaces generally require fans with higher airflow capacity. Consider the dimensions of your grow room and the requirements of your plants when making this choice.

2. Positioning the Fan:

Position the fan where it can most effectively circulate air. Ideally, place it at a height where it can distribute air evenly across your plants. Avoid direct airflow on plants to prevent wind burn. The aim is to create a gentle breeze that mimics natural wind, promoting stronger stems and healthier growth.

3. Installation:

Follow the included installation guide carefully. Ensure the fan is securely mounted, and all ducting is attached correctly. Remember, safety comes first – install the fan away from areas with high moisture or where children and pets can reach it.

4. Connect to a Power Source and Controller:

Once mounted, connect the fan to a power source. For precise control, connect it to a Phresh Hyperfan V2 Controller using the 0-10 volt signal. This setup allows you to adjust the fan speed according to your plants’ needs.

5. Adjusting Fan Speed:

Utilise the fan speed controller to adjust the airflow. For young plants or seedlings, a gentler airflow may be necessary, whereas mature plants benefit from more vigorous circulation. Pay attention to your plants’ response and adjust accordingly.

6. Monitoring and Adjusting According to Conditions:

Regularly monitor your grow room’s conditions, including temperature and humidity. Adjust the fan speed to maintain the ideal environment. Remember, the objective is to replicate the natural conditions your plants would experience outdoors.

7. Maintenance:

To ensure the longevity of your Hyperfan V2:

  1. Perform regular maintenance checks.
  2. Keep the fan and its surroundings clean from dust and debris.
  3. Check the ball bearings and other components periodically to ensure they are functioning correctly.

8. Pairing with Environmental Controllers:

For advanced control, pair your Hyperfan V2 with environmental controllers that can automate fan speed based on temperature and humidity. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who cannot manually adjust settings throughout the day.


Q1: How do I use a Phresh Hyperfan V2 in my hydroponic setup?

A1: To use the Phresh Hyperfan V2 in your hydroponic setup, select the appropriate size for your space, mount it securely, connect it to a power source, and, if desired, a compatible controller for speed adjustment. Position the fan for effective air circulation without directly blowing air on plants. Adjust the fan speed based on the growth stage and environmental needs of your plants. Regular maintenance and checks are essential for optimal performance.

Q2: What is the difference between Hyperfan V1 and V2?

A2: The Hyperfan V2 is an upgraded version of the V1 featuring several improvements. The V2 model boasts a new 9-pole EC motor, which is more powerful and efficient, providing higher levels of static pressure. It also offers better compatibility with a broader range of controllers, including the EC Fan Speed Controller, EC1, and EC5. The V2 maintains the quiet operation of the V1 but is more energy-efficient, making it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

Q3: Can the Hyperfan V2 help reduce energy costs in my grow room?

A3: Absolutely! One of the key advantages of the Hyperfan V2 is its energy efficiency. The advanced EC motor technology ensures that the fan uses significantly less power compared to traditional AC fans. This feature means that while it provides high-quality airflow and environmental control in your grow room, it also helps lower your energy bills, making it both an environmentally and economically intelligent choice for hydroponic gardeners.

For more information, check out our Grow Tips section, which features a Guide to Grow Room Air Circulation Using Fans.

Recommended Products

When setting up your hydroponic grow space, pairing the Hyperfan V2 with the right accessories can significantly enhance its performance and the overall efficiency of your setup. Here are some recommended products that work in harmony with the Hyperfan V2:

  • PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting: This high-quality ducting significantly reduces noise from air movement, perfect for a discreet and quiet grow room. Its ultra-smooth inner surface minimises airflow resistance, ensuring the Hyperfan V2 operates at maximum efficiency. A must-have for any gardener who values a serene grow space.
  • CarboAir 50 Carbon Filters: Pair your Hyperfan V2 with CarboAir 50 Carbon Filters to ensure clean, odour-free air in your grow room. These filters effectively remove airborne contaminants and odours, complementing the Hyperfan’s powerful air circulation capabilities. The combination ensures a fresh and healthy environment for your plants.
  • Grow Bitz Rope Ratchets: These rope ratchets are the perfect tool for securely hanging your Hyperfan V2. They offer easy adjustability and a firm hold, ensuring your fan stays in the optimal position for air circulation—a simple yet essential accessory for hassle-free installation and adjustment.
  • METU Pro Fast Clamps: Ensure airtight and secure connections between your fan, ducting, and filters with METU Pro Fast Clamps. These clamps are designed for quick installation and provide a strong seal, which is crucial for maintaining efficient airflow and preventing leaks in your hydroponic setup.

In the dynamic world of hydroponic gardening, the Phresh Hyperfan V2 stands out as a beacon of efficiency, innovation, and reliability. Its advanced technology, paired with its energy-saving capabilities and quiet operation, makes it an indispensable tool for any indoor gardener. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, integrating the Hyperfan V2 into your setup ensures optimal growing conditions for your plants while also improving energy consumption and noise levels. By choosing the Hyperfan V2 and complementing it with our recommended accessories, you’re not just buying a fan; you’re investing in the health and success of your hydroponic garden. Embrace the future of indoor gardening with the Phresh Hyperfan V2 and watch your garden thrive like never before.

How Can I Buy a Phresh Hyperfan V2?

You can easily buy a Phresh Hyperfan V2 from our online store by adding the model you require to your basket and checking out with your preferred payment method.

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