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Nutrients and boosters in hydroponics are the lifeblood of any hydroponic system. The basis of hydroponics is that it is a means of growing plants without using soil, which means that everything is water-based.

The food which plants need as nourishment comes from the water-borne nutrient solution. It is usually bought as a solid and mixed with water to comprise the solution. It is this that nourishes the roots of the plants, irrespective of any of the six main hydroponic methods available to use.

This category comprises Additives & Supplements, typically liquid minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium or Nitrogen, to name a few, that come to the aid of plants suffering from various deficiencies.

Base nutrients are the foundation of any hydroponic project. They are commonly available in two-part solutions focusing on plant growth’s vegetative or flowering phases. Some manufacturers also provide one-part formulas for each development stage; some products work throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle.

Although most nutrient solutions are in liquid form, some products are available in a dry soluble form. And some base nutrients allow for the different water types we experience throughout the UK.

Nutrients & Boosters are available to promote plant development during specific growth phases; bloom or flower boosters and vegetative or grow stimulants all help growers achieve that little extra when most needed.

There are boosters formulated to work for plants grown in specific hydroponic media, like coco coir or clay pellets. Some manufacturers have focused on producing purely organic stimulators. Some provide solutions that drill down into even more specific sub-phases of plant development, like the late flowering stage or early root formation.

Enzymes and Beneficials contain many unique products and formulas that act as biological stimulants for plants. Some are brimming with amino acids essential for plant health, structure and metabolism. They typically boost plant energy levels and assist them with chlorophyll production.

Finally, we have a range of solutions to help growers manage the pH and EC levels in their hydroponic set-up. There are pH formulas to push the levels up, some to push them down, and some to use during specific growth phases.

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