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Maximise Your Hydroponic Garden’s Potential with Our Premium Boosters

Looking to get the best out of your indoor garden? Flowering Boosters enhance both the quality and quantity of your blooms. While regular nutrients cover the basics, our dedicated boosters take your plant’s performance to the next level. These additives consist of essential macronutrients like phosphorus and potassium to ensure your plants thrive during the crucial flowering phase. Experimenting with different boosters can lead to outstanding results, making your indoor grow space flourish like never before.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes

  • High Phosphorus and Potassium Content: Boosts flower and fruit development significantly.
  • Enhanced Yields: Experience increased overall crop performance with our boosters.
  • Multiple Formulations: Choose from a variety of products tailored to different stages of flowering.
  • Compatibility: Works well with other growth phase fertilisers for maximum impact.
  • Improved Flavours and Aromas: Promotes natural flavours and sugar production in fruits.
  • Strengthened Immune Systems: Adds resilience to your plants during the flowering stage.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for different grow media and feeding regimes.
  • Trusted Brands: Featuring top products from Dutch Pro, Mills, Canna, Biobizz, and Advanced Nutrients.

With our range of Flowering Boosters, you’ll achieve impressive flowers and exceptional harvests every time. Ready to transform your grow room? Dive into the world of superior indoor gardening with these premium boosters.

How Do Flowering Boosters Work?

Flower or Bloom Boosters optimise your plant’s flowering phase, delivering essential nutrients right when your plants need them the most. Here’s how they work and why they’re indispensable for any hydroponic gardener.

Essential Nutrients for Peak Performance

Flower Boosters contain high levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), which are critical during the flowering and fruiting stages. These nutrients support several key processes:

  • Phosphorus aids in energy transfer and photosynthesis, leading to vigorous blooming.
  • Potassium enhances water regulation, enzyme activation, and overall plant health.

By supplying these nutrients at optimal levels, these boosters ensure your plants develop robust, dense flowers and fruits.

Boosters and Stimulators: A Perfect Pair

To get the best results, many expert growers pair flower boosters with bloom stimulators. Bloom stimulators, like Canna Boost Accelerator, activate your plant’s flowering response. This synergy creates a higher demand for phosphorus and potassium, which our boosters fulfil. Together, they lead to increased yields and healthier plants.

Tailored Formulations for Specific Needs

Flowering Boosters come in various formulations to suit different growing stages and goals. For instance:

  • PK Boosters such as PK13/14 have lots of potassium and phosphorus, perfect for mid to late flowering stages.
  • Blossom Stimulators contain amino acids, sugars, and micronutrients that support early and profuse blossoming.

These specialised products help you customise your feeding regime to meet the precise needs of your plants.

Promoting Flavour and Aroma

One unique advantage of using Flowering Boosters is their ability to enhance the natural flavours and aromas of your fruits. By promoting the production of natural sugars and terpenes, these boosters ensure your harvests are not only plentiful but also delicious and aromatic.

Strengthening Plant Defences

Bloom boosters also fortify your plants’ immune systems. They help build resilience against environmental stressors, pests, and diseases, ensuring your plants remain healthy throughout the flowering phase.

Trusted by Professionals

Hydroponic growers trust these additives for their reliability and effectiveness. Top brands like Athena, Biobizz and Evoponic offer products that undergo many years of rigorous testing and are proven to deliver exceptional results.

How Do I Use Flowering Boosters?

Using these products effectively is key to maximising your indoor garden’s potential. Here’s a detailed guide to help you integrate these boosters into your hydroponic setup with confidence.

Determine the Right Time to Add Boosters

Timing is key to the successful application of boosters. Typically, you should start adding them during the early flowering phase. This stage is when your plants begin to shift their energy from vegetative growth to producing flowers and fruits.

Dosage and Mixing Instructions

Flowering Boosters come in various concentrations, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here’s a general approach:

  • Check the Label: Each product has specific dosage recommendations. Begin with a low dose to avoid overfeeding.
  • Mix Thoroughly: Add the booster to your nutrient reservoir and ensure it’s well-mixed. This step guarantees the even distribution of nutrients.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Regularly monitor your plants’ response to the boosters. Look for signs of nutrient burn or deficiencies and adjust the dosage accordingly. It’s easier to increase the dose gradually than to fix overfeeding issues.

Combining with Other Nutrients

Flowering Boosters can perform alongside base nutrients and other supplements. Here’s how to combine them effectively:

  • Base Nutrients First: Always add your base nutrients to the reservoir before adding Flower and Bloom Boosters.
  • Compatibility Check: Ensure the boosters are compatible with other products in your feeding regime. Some products work synergistically, while others may not mix well.

Flushing Before Harvest

To ensure the best flavour and quality, consider flushing your plants with pure water a week or two before harvest. This process helps remove any residual nutrients, resulting in cleaner, tastier produce.

Tips for Optimal Results

For the best outcomes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Regular Monitoring: Check pH and EC levels regularly to maintain optimal conditions.
  • Environmental Control: Ensure your grow room has the right temperature, humidity, and light conditions for flowering.
  • Consistent Feeding Schedule: Stick to a consistent feeding schedule to avoid stressing your plants.

Using Flower and Bloom Boosters can significantly enhance your indoor gardening experience. By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure your plants get the essential nutrients they need for impressive blooms and bountiful harvests. With the right approach, your hydroponic garden will thrive, producing flowers and fruits that are second to none.


What fertiliser should I use to encourage flowering?

To encourage flowering, you should use a fertiliser high in phosphorus and potassium. These elements are crucial during the bloom phase. Flowering Boosters will provide these nutrients, ensuring your plants develop robust flowers and fruits.

When should I add a Bloom Booster?

Add a Bloom Booster at the onset of the flowering stage. This phase is when you see the first signs of budding. Introducing the booster at this early stage ensures your plants obtain all the vital nutrients they need right from the start of their blooming phase.

Can you use too much Bloom Booster?

Yes, it’s possible to overuse Bloom Boosters. Overfeeding plants often leads to nutrient burn, which damages your plants. Always start with a low dose and monitor your plants’ response. Adjust the dosage gradually to avoid any adverse effects.

Are there specific Boosters for certain stages of fruiting and flowering?

Absolutely, different boosters cater to various stages of flowering and fruiting. For instance, PK Boosters are ideal for the mid to late flowering stages due to their high phosphorus and potassium content. Blossom Stimulators, on the other hand, support early blossoming and contain additional amino acids and micronutrients.

Recommended Products

  • Dutch Pro Explode: This powerful bloom stimulator boosts flower size and quality. It’s packed with essential nutrients and trace elements, ensuring your plants reach their full potential during the flowering phase. Perfect for any hydroponic setup, it enhances both yield and taste.
  • Mills C4: Known for its comprehensive blend of macro and micronutrients, Mills C4 promotes vigorous flowering and fruiting. It enhances plant metabolism, leading to increased biomass and resin production.
  • Canna PK13/14: A highly concentrated PK booster, Canna PK13/14 delivers a potent dose of phosphorus and potassium. This combination accelerates flowering and improves the density and quality of your blooms.
  • Shogun PK Warrior 9/18: Offering a unique blend of high phosphorus and potassium, Shogun PK Warrior 9/18 supports explosive flower growth. It strengthens cell structure and boosts overall plant vigour.

Unleash the complete potential of your indoor garden with our powerful flowering boosters!

Ready to take your hydroponic garden to the next level? With these Boosters, you’re going to achieve lush, vibrant blooms and bountiful harvests. Don’t settle for average results—add premium Boosters to your growing routine and experience the difference.

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