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Grow Tools & Accessories in Hydroponics are necessary for the ongoing support and development of your plants and the maintenance of all your different types of equipment. You will likely use several of these regularly and some every day.

Many tools are there for you to consult, such as the meters to show the EC and pH of your nutrient solution or the temperature and ambient relative humidity of your growing environment, whether the growth occurs in a growing room or a more hermetically-controlled growing tent.
Some of these items have multiple functionalities, like sensors to measure humidity and temperature; some products can work remotely, utilising Bluetooth technology to allow maximum convenience.

There are tools like precision digital scales, measuring jugs and pipettes to help ensure you’re handling the correct quantities of nutrient solution, additives or supplements.

Other tools are more active such as pressure sprayers, hand-trimmers and trimming machines. Most of these will have some means of making these tasks less demanding on your hands, such as a pressure spray lock keeping the spray gun operative without the need to apply any effort on the trigger. Or trimming bowls with electronic assistance to help minimise effort but still produce outstanding results.

Other grow tools will include products to aid the drying and curing processes. Dry rack nets with fixed or detachable tiers and wire cage trellis supports are also in this category.

For trimming and pruning, hydroponic growers find shears or gardening scissors invaluable. These items consist of high-grade materials and are of ergonomic design with the latest safety measures built-in.

The Grow Tools & Accessories category has many hardware items to assist growers of all experience levels. From buckets and trellis netting, rubber gloves and coveralls to head torches and grow room glasses. All of these tools will have a role to play at some point during the plant growth lifecycle.

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