Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan

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The Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan brings a quiet revolution to hydroponic setups. Manufactured by the market leader Systemair, this fan is almost silent, optimised for efficient airflow, and encased in a steel body for durability. It pairs well with Phonic Trap Ducting and a carbon filter, offering a near-perfect ventilation solution. Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year warranty and expect years of continuous, reliable service from this high-standard product.

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Unmatched Air Circulation with the Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan

When creating the ideal growing environment, the Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan proves to be the cream of the crop. Its seamless combination of advanced technology and practical design offers an unparalleled solution for all your hydroponic ventilation needs.

Product Highlights

Manufactured by Systemair, a respected market leader, the Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos is the fruit of years of rigorous research and development. It is perfectly built and features top-quality materials and high-grade components, ensuring robust durability and superior performance.

One of its remarkable features is the acoustic foam surrounding it. This innovative addition dampens noise, making it whisper-quiet when paired with PhonicTrap Ducting. No airflow restriction occurs, and no odour or noise escapes, thanks to its steel casing.

How does this product work?

The Stratos AC Fan has an optimised impeller designed to stream air efficiently and in a straight line. This fan works by extracting air from your grow space, which it accomplishes with little pressure loss, even with a carbon filter. All this while it operates silently, securely sealed in a corrosion-proof steel casing that’s as elegant as it is lightweight.

How do I use a Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan?

Setting up the Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan is easy. First, connect the mains lead to the fan, then identify the airflow direction. The fan should either pull air out of your grow area or push it into your grow tent for intake. A handy arrow on the casing shows the airflow direction.

Next, secure a duct length to the fan’s exhaust using a duct clip, and feed the ducting through your grow tent’s duct port or into the area you wish to ventilate. Finally, fasten the other duct end to your carbon filter with a fast clamp.

Unsurpassed Features and Benefits for Hydroponic Setup

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Noise is a non-issue with acoustic foam that effectively reduces sound.
  • Efficient Airflow: The optimised impeller streams air straight and efficiently.
  • Sturdy and Compact: The Stratos AC consists of high-grade materials, which promise durability and convenience in a compact form.
  • Odour Control: The sealed steel casing prevents odour from escaping.
  • Minimal Pressure Loss: This fan experiences little pressure loss even when used with a carbon filter.
  • Extended Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Specifications: Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan

Recommended Products

  • Fox Carbon Filter: The Fox Carbon Filter is a reliable companion to the Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC. Its high-quality carbon effectively absorbs and neutralises odours, enhancing your grow room’s environment. Pairing it with the Stratos AC ensures minimal pressure loss, maintaining an efficient and odour-free ventilation system.
  • Combi Ducting: This is a critical component for a seamless ventilation setup. Combi Ducting is strong, flexible, and light-resistant, designed to carry air in and out of your grow space without any leaks. Its compatibility with the Stratos AC simplifies the ducting process, making your hydroponic ventilation system setup a breeze.
  • Ducting Clips: These are essential for securing your Combi Ducting to the Stratos AC Fan and the Fox Carbon Filter. Ducting Clips ensure a tight fit, preventing air or odour leaks, thereby optimising your ventilation system’s effectiveness.
  • Rope Ratchets: Rope Ratchets provide a secure and adjustable suspension system for your Stratos AC Fan. They can hold significant weight, allowing easy height adjustments per your grow room’s requirements. Pairing them with the Stratos AC makes for a stable and flexible setup, ensuring your fan operates at the ideal height for maximum efficiency.

Each recommended product complements the Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC, creating a hydroponic ventilation system that’s quiet, efficient, and easy to install. They allow you to make the ideal growing conditions to ensure your plants thrive.

Where Do I Buy the Systemair Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan?

You can easily buy a Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos AC Fan from our site.

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