U-GO Fan with Digital Controller

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The U-GO Fan with Digital Controller is perfect for hydroponic grow rooms. Designed by the makers of Phresh Fans, it offers efficient, quiet ventilation with high airflow and precise control. The fan features a 9-pole digital EC brushless motor and sturdy steel housing and comes with a digital thermostatic controller. Available in sizes from 6″ to 12.5″, it ensures optimal growing conditions for your plants. Enhance your hydroponic setup with the U-GO Fan today.

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Powerful Ventilation for Your Indoor Garden

Looking for a top-performing exhaust fan for your grow room or tent? The U-GO Fan with Digital Controller, designed by the makers of Phresh, is your answer. This fan isn’t just about moving air; it’s about optimising your growing environment. With sizes ranging from 6″ to 12.5″ and a digital thermostatic fan controller included, this fan is perfect for efficiency and convenience. If you need an even quieter option, check out the U-GO Silenced EC Extraction Fan.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes

  • 9-Pole Digital EC Brushless Motor: High efficiency at 7.85 CFM per watt.
  • D-Shackles for Secure Mounting: Ensures stability and easy installation.
  • Digital Thermostatic Controller: Included in every box for precise control.
  • Higher Linear Airflow Output: Better performance than other fans.
  • Higher Static Pressure Output: Enhanced ventilation power.
  • Detachable Fully Variable Speed Controller: Tailor the airflow to your needs.
  • Sturdy Steel Housing: Durable construction for long-term use.
  • ABEC 7 Ball Bearings: Smooth and reliable operation.
  • 0-10V Controller Compatibility: Connects via RJ9/RJ11 cable for flexible control.

Packed with features to make your life easier and your yields bigger, the U-GO Fan with Digital Controller is the ultimate solution for efficient and effective grow room ventilation.

The U-GO Fan with Digital Controller is able to provide optimal ventilation for hydroponic grow rooms and tents. Its advanced design and features ensure efficient airflow management, which is vital for maintaining a healthy growing environment.

Advanced Digital EC Brushless Motor

At the core of the U-GO Fan is the 9-pole digital EC brushless motor. This motor is highly efficient, providing 7.85 CFM per watt. The brushless design reduces friction and wear, resulting in an extended lifespan and more reliable performance. The motor’s digital nature allows for precise control over fan speed and airflow.

Digital Thermostatic Controller

Each U-GO Fan includes a digital thermostatic controller. This controller allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature in your grow room. It monitors the environment and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, ensuring consistent conditions. This precision helps to optimise plant growth by maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Higher Linear Airflow and Static Pressure Output

The U-GO Fan boasts higher linear airflow and static pressure output than many other fans on the market. This feature enables more effective air movement, efficiently extracting hot, stale, CO2-depleted, and humid air. At the same time, it pulls in fresh air rich in CO2, which is vital for plant health.

Durable and Reliable Construction

The fan’s sturdy steel housing and ABEC 7 ball bearings ensure durability and smooth operation. This robust construction can withstand the demands of continuous use in a growroom environment. The fan is also equipped with D-shackles for secure mounting, ensuring stability during operation.

Detachable Fully Variable Speed Controller

The fully variable speed controller is detachable, allowing you to customise the airflow to your specific needs. This feature provides flexibility and control, enabling you to create the perfect plant environment. The controller is compatible with 0-10V systems and connects easily via RJ9/RJ11 cables.

Integrating the U-GO Fan into your hydroponic setup is straightforward. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started and ensure optimal performance.

Unpacking and Initial Setup

First, carefully unpack the U-GO Fan and its components. Inside the box, you’ll find the fan, digital thermostatic speed controller, RJ cable, and an instruction manual. Ensure all parts are present before proceeding.

Choosing the Right Location

Next, select a suitable location in your grow room or tent for the fan. Position it where it can effectively extract hot, stale air and pull in fresh air. Place the fan in a spot that maximises airflow without obstructing other equipment.

Secure Mounting

Use the provided D-shackles to mount the fan securely. Attach the D-shackles to the designated mounting points on the fan. Then, fix them to a stable part of your growroom structure. This step ensures the fan remains stable and vibration-free during operation.

Connecting the Digital Controller

Once the fan is mounted, connect the digital thermostatic controller using the RJ cable. Insert one end of the cable into the fan and the other into the controller. This setup allows for precise control over fan speed and environmental conditions.

Powering On and Adjusting Settings

Plug the fan into a power source and turn it on. Use the digital controller to set your desired temperature and fan speed. The controller is able to automatically adjust the fan speed to maintain the set temperature for consistent and optimal growing conditions.

Regular Maintenance

To keep the U-GO Fan running smoothly:

  1. Perform regular maintenance.
  2. Check the fan blades and housing for dust and debris, and clean them as needed.
  3. Inspect the mounting points and D-shackles periodically to ensure they remain secure.

Integrating with Other Equipment

If you have other ventilation or climate control equipment, ensure the U-GO Fan works seamlessly with these devices. Its compatibility with 0-10V controllers via RJ9 or RJ11 cables makes it easy to integrate into your existing setup, enhancing overall system efficiency. Find out more about the U-GO range by visiting their website here.

What’s the difference between these fans and the U-GO Silent Fans?

The main difference lies in noise reduction. The U-GO Silent Fans feature sound-absorbing foam that significantly reduces operational noise, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Both fan types offer high efficiency and advanced control, but the Silent Fans provide an extra layer of quiet operation.

How do I work out which fan is the right one for my setup?

To choose the right fan, consider the size of your grow room and your ventilation needs. Larger grow rooms typically require higher airflow rates. The U-GO Fan comes in sizes ranging from 6″ to 12.5″, each providing different airflow capacities (560m3/h to 3100m3/h). Match the fan size to your room’s volume and desired air exchange rate.

How do I work out my Airflow rate if I add a Carbon Filter to my extraction fan?

When adding a carbon filter, account for a 20-30% reduction in airflow due to the filter’s resistance. For example, if your fan has a capacity of 1000m3/h, expect an effective airflow of around 700-800m3/h with the filter installed. This method ensures you maintain adequate ventilation even with the filter in place.

Can I use the U-GO Fan with other controllers?

Yes, the U-GO Fan is compatible with 0-10V controllers via RJ9 or RJ11 cables. This feature allows seamless integration with other climate control systems, enhancing your grow room’s overall efficiency and environmental management.

  • Mammoth Pro Grow Tent: This tent provides a robust and reflective environment for your plants. Its durable construction and light-proof design make it ideal for maximising the efficiency of the U-GO Fan and other equipment, ensuring optimal growing conditions.
  • Elite Quantum EQ4000 LED Grow Light Panel: This LED grow light panel delivers high-intensity, full-spectrum light essential for plant growth. Paired with the U-GO Fan, it helps maintain ideal light and ventilation conditions, promoting healthier and more vigorous plant growth.
  • U-GO Carbon Filter: Designed to work seamlessly with the U-GO Fan, this carbon filter effectively removes odours and contaminants from the air. This combination ensures your grow space stays fresh and clean, providing a healthier environment for your plants.
  • Combi Ducting: This high-quality ducting connects easily with the U-GO Fan and other ventilation components. Its flexibility and durability make it ideal for creating efficient airflow paths in your grow room, ensuring even distribution of fresh air.

These recommended products work together to create a balanced, efficient hydroponic grow space. Combining the right ventilation, lighting, and filtration systems ensures your plants get the best possible conditions for growth.

Experience the Ultimate in Grow Room Ventilation with the U-GO Fan with Digital Controller

Boost your hydroponic gardening with the U-GO Fan with Digital Controller. Achieve optimal airflow, precise control, and enhanced plant health. Transform your grow room today with this top-performing ventilation solution. Add the U-GO Fan to your basket now and see the difference it makes!

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