Systemair K Fan EC

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The Systemair K Fan EC is a powerful and efficient yet quiet running circular duct fan ideal for use in grow rooms or tents in hydroponic systems.

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Systemair K Fan EC

The Systemair K Fan EC is a powerful and efficient yet quiet running circular duct fan ideal for use in grow rooms or tents in hydroponic systems.

It uses intelligent technology and integral electronic control, ensuring that the motor always runs at optimal load and uses considerably lower energy levels to achieve the same output as comparable AC motors.

This energy-saving attribute occurs not just at full load but also part load. When running at part load, the energy used is much lower than that of an asynchronous motor of similar output. The result is that you save lots of money in running costs over the lifetime of this fan.

The K EC series fans are for installation in ducts and have a minimum 25mm long spigot connection. They have backwards-curved blades and EC rotor motors. Preventing vibration to the duct is managed by the FK mounting clamp, which allows easy installation and removal.

These fans offer several attributes and features, and these include the following:

  • EC motor, which has a high level of efficiency
  • 100% speed controllable
  • They come complete with mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Have integrated motor protection for extra peace of mind

The housing consists of sheet steel with its seams folded to provide a nearly airtight casing. For this reason, outdoor mounting and wet room applications are possible. This fan is versatile and can be very useful in many applications.

How To Choose Which Model of Fan

Please note that the fan model in the Systemair range that you go with should depend on the fan’s size and power to remove air from your grow tent or growing area. This measurement is typically referred to as the Cubic Feet per Minute rating (CFM), although it’s also known as the ‘rated airflow’, expressed in cubic metres per hour. You might find it handy to refer to our hydroponic grow room ventilation article for further details.

Altogether, you will need:

  • An extractor fan to draw the air out of your grow room
  • Several air vents to suck fresh air in, or add a second, smaller extractor fan to draw fresh air in
  • A 5-metre power cable for each extractor fan
  • A carbon filter (for your extractor fan only)
  • A suitable length of Ducting
  • 3 x duct clips
  • 2 x Rope Ratchets (preferred)

How To Use?

Connect a mains power lead to the fan and find the direction in which the air flows.

Air is drawn out of your growing area or into your grow space for intake. There might be an arrow on the fan’s casing which indicates which direction the air travels.

To connect it all, secure a suitable length of ducting to the exhaust part of your fan by using a duct clip, then feed the ducting through the duct port of your tent or into the area you want to vent. Connect the other end of the fan to the filter using a clamp.

You should follow the installation instructions in each case.


Where Do I Buy a Systemair K Fan EC?

You can easily buy your Systemair K Fan EC from our website.

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