Grow Systems & Pots

Grow systems and pots in hydroponics comprise a wide variety of different arrangements of growing apparatus and the many (or few) pots attached to them. 

Hydroponic growing systems can start small and build up to almost any size wanted, based on the number of pots often fed from a central system controller, sometimes referred to as its “brain”.

There is a marked crossover between the possibilities of entirely do-it-yourself growing systems and ready-made systems bought from a manufacturer. It’s normal for a great deal of the equipment, especially the pots themselves, to be purchased in stages and the whole system assembled by the grower in a piecemeal way.

Grow Systems and Pots in Hydroponics can embrace several of the six main types of hydroponic growing systems:

  • Aeroponic Systems
  • Dripper Systems
  • DWC Systems (Deep Water Culture)
  • Flood and Drain Systems (also known as Ebb and Flow)
  • NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique)
  • Wick Systems (Bottom-Fed)
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