Rhino Ultra EC Silenced Fan

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The Rhino Ultra EC Silenced Fan offers ultra-quiet, energy-efficient ventilation for hydroponic grow rooms. With high airflow, superior static pressure, and full control from 0% to 100% speed, this fan ensures optimal growing conditions. Its durable, soundproof design minimises noise while maximising performance. Compatible with EC controllers, it’s the perfect addition to any hydroponic setup.

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Ultra Quiet, Ultra Efficient, Ultra Powerful

Looking for a powerful yet silent fan for your grow room? The Rhino Ultra EC Silenced Fan is your solution. It offers superior ventilation with high air flows at high pressure, ensuring your grow room is always at its best. Thanks to state-of-the-art EC technology, you can control the fan from 0 to 100% speed with no annoying hums or buzzes. Plus, with the included speed controller, managing your fan is a breeze. Pair it with Rhino filters for optimal air extraction and maximum contact time with the carbon filter.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes

  • Ultra quiet operation: Half the noise of non-silenced fans.
  • Energy efficient: Lower power consumption compared to AC fans.
  • High airflow and pressure: Superior ventilation for your grow room.
  • Full control: Speed controller included for easy regulation from 0 to 100%.
  • Versatile compatibility: Works with EC controllers.
  • Durable construction: Sealed steel body with built-in eyelets for easy installation.
  • Soft start function: Ensures smooth and efficient operation.
  • Soundproof foam: Reduces noise to a minimum.
  • Available in multiple sizes: Choose from 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 315mm to fit your needs.
  • Static pressure: High levels ensure you can add a carbon filter without affecting airflow significantly.

The Rhino Ultra Silenced series is perfect for anyone looking to maintain a quiet, efficient, and well-ventilated grow room.

The Rhino Ultra Silenced utilises advanced electronically commutated (EC) technology to deliver superior ventilation performance. Its design ensures high airflow rates and static pressure, making it ideal for maintaining optimal conditions in your grow room.

EC Technology for Superior Performance

At the heart of the Rhino Ultra EC is its 9-pole EC motor. Unlike traditional AC motors, EC motors are more energy-efficient and offer better control. Growers can precisely regulate this fan from 0% to 100% speed, ensuring they get exactly the airflow they need without any unnecessary power consumption.

Silent Operation with Soundproofing

One of the standout features of these fans is their ultra-quiet operation. The fan’s airtight casing and soundproof foam significantly reduce noise levels, making them half as noisy as non-silenced fans. This feature ensures a peaceful environment, whether you’re working in your grow room or just nearby.

High Static Pressure and Airflow

The Rhino Ultra is able to move high volumes of air efficiently. It generates substantial static pressure, which means it can handle the addition of a carbon filter with minimal impact on airflow. This feature is particularly important for maintaining the air quality in your grow room without compromising ventilation efficiency.

Easy Control and Compatibility

The fan comes with a speed controller, which makes it really simple to adjust the fan speed to your desired level. If you need more advanced control, it’s compatible with most EC controllers available on the market. This flexibility allows you to customise your ventilation system to meet the specific needs of your grow environment.

Durable and User-Friendly Design

Constructed with a sealed steel body, the Rhino Ultra has a build quality that lasts. It features built-in eyelets for easy installation and a soft start function that ensures smooth operation. The fan is available in four sizes—150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 315mm—so you can choose the perfect fit for your grow tent or room.

Using the Rhino Ultra in your hydroponic setup is straightforward. Follow these tips to maintain optimal performance and ease of use.

Installation Process

First, check the fan, wires, and plug for any damage. Ensure the airflow direction is correct; arrows on the fan indicate this. Place the fan in the desired position using ratchets, cables, or screws. Avoid installing the fan on weak surfaces to prevent accidents. Once securely positioned, connect any ducting or filters as needed.

Connecting the Fan

Choose your preferred method to control the fan. The box includes a Varispeed controller for simple adjustments. Additionally, there are three cables for connecting to the side of the fan. These allow for various control options. After selecting your control method, connect the plug to the mains power supply.

Setting the Fan Speed

Now, set the required fan speed using the Varispeed controller. Turn on the power, and the fan should start rotating smoothly, gradually building up speed. Adjust the speed as necessary to achieve the desired airflow. If you want the fan to operate at full speed, insert the full-speed plug provided in the box.

Regular Maintenance

To ensure the fan operates efficiently:

  1. Clean it regularly.
  2. Turn off and unplug the unit before cleaning.
  3. Use a moist cloth to clean the fan and blades.
  4. Avoid using cleaning detergents or chemicals.
  5. Do not spray water or any liquid on or into the fan.
  6. Never immerse the fan or allow water to enter the fan controller outlet.

Optimising Airflow

For the best results, pair your Rhino Ultra with a Rhino filter. This combination optimises air extraction and ensures ideal contact time with the carbon filter. If your grow room has varying temperatures, consider using an additional controller to regulate the fan speed according to the temperature changes.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your fan operates at peak efficiency and help maintain an optimal environment for your hydroponic setup, leading to healthier and more productive plants. Check out the Rhino Ventilation website for more information on their excellent range of hydroponic products here.

What is the quietest EC Fan?

There are many quiet fans available, but the Rhino Ultra stands out as one of the quietest in its price bracket. Thanks to its airtight casing and soundproof foam, it operates at half the noise level of non-silenced fans, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a peaceful grow room environment.

Is an EC Fan better than an AC Fan?

Yes, an EC fan is generally better than an AC fan. EC (electronically commutated) motors are more energy-efficient, offering precise control over fan speed. This feature means you can adjust the Rhino Ultra from 0% to 100% speed without any annoying humming or buzzing, leading to lower power consumption and better overall performance.

What size Fan do I choose for my Grow Tent?

Choosing the right size fan depends on the size of your grow tent and your ventilation needs. The Rhino Ultra comes in four sizes: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 315mm. For smaller grow tents, the 150mm or 200mm models may suffice. Larger setups require the 250mm or 315mm models for optimal airflow and pressure.

How many fans does my Grow Tent need?

The number of fans you need depends on the size and ventilation requirements of your grow tent. One Rhino Ultra Fan paired with a Rhino Pro Filter should be sufficient for most setups. However, larger grow rooms or tents with higher heat loads might benefit from additional fans to ensure consistent airflow and temperature control. Always assess your specific requirements to determine the best configuration.

  • Mammoth Pro Grow Tent: The Mammoth Pro Grow Tent provides a sturdy and reflective environment for your plants. Its durable construction ensures stability, while the reflective interior maximises light distribution. Pair it with the Rhino Ultra Fan for optimal airflow and ventilation.
  • DLI Diode-Series Multilayer LED 600 FS-DC: This powerful LED light offers full-spectrum illumination, perfect for all growth stages. It’s super energy efficient and has low heat output, making it an excellent choice for hydroponic setups. Use it alongside the Mammoth Pro Grow Tent and Rhino Ultra to create an ideal growing environment.
  • Rhino Pro Carbon Filter: The Rhino Pro Carbon Filter is essential for controlling odours and maintaining air quality in your grow room. It works seamlessly with the Rhino Ultra Silenced Fan to provide effective air filtration, ensuring your plants thrive in a clean atmosphere.
  • PhonicTrap Ducting: PhonicTrap Ducting is able to minimise noise while maximising airflow. Its soundproof construction complements the Rhino Silenced Fan, further reducing noise levels in your grow room. Combine it with the other recommended products to create a quiet, efficient, and productive hydroponic system.

Upgrade Your Grow Room with the Rhino Ultra EC Silenced Fan

Transform your hydroponic setup with the Rhino Ultra Silenced Fan. Experience unparalleled ventilation, ultra-quiet performance, and energy efficiency. Don’t settle for less—add the Rhino Ultra to your basket today and ensure your plants thrive in the best environment possible. Your garden deserves it!

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