Systemair K Fan AC

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The Systemair K Fan AC is a powerful and efficient radial duct fan perfect for hydroponic grow rooms and tents.

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Systemair K Fan AC

The Systemair K Fan AC is a powerful and efficient radial duct fan perfect for hydroponic grow rooms and tents.

This fan has backwards curved blades and an external rotor motor. It comes complete with a fixing bracket and screws to make installation easy. Its FK mounting clamp allows easy installation and removal and serves as a buffer to prevent vibration from being transferred into the duct. A stepless thyristor or 5-step transformer provides very accurate speed control.

This product offers several handy features and benefits, and these include:

  • Easy speed control
  • Very Quiet-running
  • Increased efficiency
  • Integral thermal contacts to prevent overheating
  • You can place it almost anywhere
  • Maintenance-free, durable and reliable
  • All K-fans have a 25 mm long spigot connection.

The K Fan has an integral thermal contact and manual reset, which protects the fan’s motor from overheating. The fan’s casing is manufactured from sheet steel and folded, which makes it virtually airtight.

How To Choose Which Model of Fan

The size and power of the fan in the Systemair range that you choose will depend on the amount of air you need to remove from your growing area. The rated airflow is the volume of cubic metres per hour that a fan can extract from the grow space. You might find it helpful to refer to our article about ventilation for further information.

In total, you’ll need the following:

  • An extractor fan to draw the air out of your grow room
  • Several air vents to draw air in, or add a second, smaller extractor fan to draw fresh air in
  • A separate 5-metre power lead for each extractor fan
  • A carbon filter (for the extractor only)
  • A suitable length of ducting
  • 3 x Duct Clips
  • Two Rope Ratchets (preferred)

How To Use this Fan

Connect the mains to your fan and find out the airflow direction. You may see an arrow on the fan’s casing which shows how the air moves. Air needs to travel out of your grow tent or growing area for removal or into your growing area for intake.

To connect everything, affix an appropriate length of ducting to the exhaust section of the fan using a duct clip, then feed the ducting through the duct port on your tent or into the area you want venting.

Attach the opposing end of the fan to the filter using a fast clamp or a small length of ducting and a duct clip. Refer to the installation instructions in each case.


Where Do I Buy the Systemair K Fan AC?

You can easily buy a Systemair K Fan AC from our website.

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