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Hydroponic equipment hanging has become more complicated as time has gone on. It’s a practical necessity that all the equipment used in any hydroponic system will need suspending or supporting somehow, or there will be a danger that, through time, it will simply collapse and may even ruin your crop. For this reason, various means of hanging accessories & spares exist.

There are all sorts of hooks, pulleys, clips, chains, and cords used to suspend hydroponic equipment and keep them in one place. These can sometimes be quite specialized. There is what is known as a yoyo which snaps open and then reveals an inner cord which can then be pulled out to whatever length is necessary and then snaps shut again to lock this length in and keep the cord taut.

Plants must also be supported in the early stages of their development, when they are relatively weak and unable to support themselves and when they get bigger. Their sheer size means that they need support. It’s an irony that the more successful a plant is, the more massive the yield of a particular crop, the more support they need to prevent them from collapsing.

Perhaps the items of hydroponic equipment which need support most are the various components of the ventilation extraction system. This generally comprises a large amount of ducting with the fan, and the carbon filter joined along the way, possibly with a secondary fan. All of this needs supporting, and the primary method of doing this is by hanging the various components and lengths of ducting from the growing room or grow tent ceiling. This process removes hot air in the upper areas of the grow space, so suspension is a better form of support than building supports up from the ground. In general, the ground should be kept as clear as possible.

The floor is meant for plants and should provide sufficient space for growers to have as much mobility around their plants to care for them properly. It is no surprise that the support of hydroponic equipment has developed, of necessity, as being one of suspension from above rather than support from below.

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