Propagation Media

Propagation Media in Hydroponics provides your plants’ root zones with easy access to water, vital nutrients and oxygen. There are numerous variations available in this category.

Grow Cubes are an excellent growing medium for seedlings and cuttings since they can work alone or as a base for combining other media. They are perfect for growing seedlings and extremely young plants before transferring them into a hydroponic system. Each cube drains fast, so there is little chance that it will become flooded. Additionally, compared to other growing media, there is less likelihood of algae formation on the top.

These grow cubes are relatively light, weighing roughly one-tenth as much as potting soil in the same amount or volume. Several gardeners have mentioned the advantages of combining this product with clay pellets.

Starter cubes are organic propagation materials created to facilitate a speedy and straightforward germination process from seeds and cuttings. The hydroponic systems are perfect for these organic starter cubes. Each cube has a top hole pre-constructed and ready to accept your seed or cutting.

Because of its rational approach, this product streamlines the entire procedure and has a very high strike rate.

The ideal option for soil or hydroponic reservoir setups is organic starter cubes. All the essential micronutrients that young plants and root systems crave are present in them, and they are made entirely of organic, biodegradable, and compostable materials.

Although some people view this as an “alternative” growing medium, its use quickly advances to the mainstream because it is straightforward and reasonable. It gives your seeds and cuttings the ideal air-to-water ratio required to form robust, healthy roots.

Rooting powder contains a naturally occurring seaweed source that dramatically boosts plant proliferation. Like many similar propagation media in hydroponics you apply it to fresh cuttings and graftings of plants that are soft, semi-hard, and hardwood in nature.
The product includes synthetic auxin, known as naphthyl acetic acid, which controls plant development. It is a metabolite and is also utilised for fruitlet thinning. The powder is appropriate for edible and decorative cuttings and contains natural components. When replanting from cuttings or graftings indoors or outdoors, this rooting powder will work well indoors and outdoors.

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