Fox Extractor Fan

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Improve your grow room with the Fox Extractor Fan, a powerful and quiet option for efficient air extraction. With optimal airflow and ventilation, it’s perfect for any hydroponic setup. Choose from six available sizes to suit your specific requirements. With high-quality components and durable construction, the Fox Extractor Fan ensures reliable performance and minimal noise. This essential ventilation solution creates the perfect environment for your plant’s growth. Shop now and experience the difference!

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Fox Extractor Fan – Powerful and Quiet Pro Inline Air Extraction.

Experience superior air extraction with a high-performance Fox Extractor Fan. Designed to move substantial amounts of air while maintaining a quiet operation, these fans are perfect for efficiently extracting air from your grow room. These Extractor Fans are built with high-quality components, ensuring optimal performance with minimal noise. Say goodbye to unwanted heat and humidity, and create the ideal environment for your hydroponic setup.

How does this product work?

The Fox Extraction Fan uses inline centrifugal technology to extract air from your grow room effectively. Its high-pressure centrifugal impeller and robust and lightweight aluminium housing can handle long duct runs and work seamlessly with carbon filters. The powerful motor ensures continuous operation, allowing the fan to run 24/7, 365 days a year. With thermal overload protection, you can trust the reliability and safety of this fan.

Features and Benefits when Using in a Hydroponic Setup:

  • Efficient Air Extraction: The Fox Extraction Fan can move substantial volumes of air quickly and efficiently. It helps to remove excess humidity, heat, and unwanted odours from your grow room, creating an optimal environment for plant growth.
  • Quiet Operation: Despite its powerful performance, the Fox Extraction Fan operates quietly, minimising noise disruption in your grow room. Enjoy a peaceful growing environment without compromising on airflow and ventilation.
  • Durable Construction: The Fox Fan ensures durability and longevity, built with robust, lightweight aluminium housing. Say goodbye to cheap plastic components and rely on a fan that can withstand the demands of continuous use.
  • Easy Installation: The fan comes pre-wired with a 2-metre lead and a fitted 3-pin plug, making installation a breeze. The included mounting bracket further simplifies the setup process, allowing you to install the fan in your desired location securely.
  • Versatile Sizing Options: Choose from a range of sizes (4″ to 12″) to suit the specific requirements of your hydroponic setup. Select the size that matches your ducting and ventilation needs for optimal air extraction.

How do I use a Fox Extractor Fan?

Using this Extractor Fan is straightforward. Connect the fan to your ducting system, ensuring a secure and airtight fit. Position the fan in a suitable location to extract air from your grow room. The fan can run continuously, providing proper air circulation and ventilation. Combine it with a quality carbon filter to further enhance air purification.

Recommended Products for Hydroponic Experts:

  1. Fox Carbon Filters: Pair your Fox Extractor Fan with Fox Carbon Filters for comprehensive air purification. These filters eliminate odours and impurities, ensuring clean and fresh air in your grow room.
  2. Fox Twin-speed Fan Controller: Take control of your airflow and ventilation with the Fox Twin-speed Fan Controller. Adjust the fan speed to optimise air circulation, providing the perfect environment for your plant’s growth.
  3. Hydroponic Reflective Grow Tent: Create a controlled and reflective space for your hydroponic garden with a Reflective Grow Tent. Designed for maximum light distribution and temperature control, it enhances the efficiency of your grow room setup.

Upgrade your hydroponic setup with this powerful and quiet Extractor Fan: experience efficient air extraction, quiet operation, and durability for a thriving, growing environment.

How can I buy a Fox Extractor Fan?

You can easily buy a Fox Extractor Fan from our website by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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