Odour Control

Odour Control in Hydroponics is essential. Grow spaces can become very smelly places, depending on the number of plants you grow and the species of plant, some plants being notorious for emitting strong and pungent odours. If allowed to remain, these growing spaces would become unbearable. So, of course, we use several ways of eliminating these smells, including industrial strength ventilation systems.

You don’t want any of this odour escaping from your tent or home to annoy your neighbours; therefore, odour control is something that you must put to work.

Plants achieve their distinct aromas by releasing what are known as volatile organic compounds (sometimes known as VOCs) into the surrounding air. Effective odour control eliminates these compounds.

Odour Neutralising Agents such as blocks, sprays, and gels are the best neutralisers you can use outside the grow space. They’re effective at neutralising odours, so much so that large sewage treatment plants use them.

They work by absorption. The VOCs are attracted to the ONAs, and they then enter and bond with the ONA’s active ingredients. They also work by adsorption, in which the VOC molecules that cause plant odours are held and detained on the surface of the ONA molecules.

One important thing to bear in mind is that you should never, under any circumstances, use ONAs or their technology inside the growing area itself. They are so potent that they can affect the aroma and taste of your final yield at harvest!

Many growers use ONA blocks, sprays and gels in the room where their grow tent is located, but not in the grow tent itself. ONA blocks can also sit in your ducting and do their work there.

For getting rid of plant smells that tend to cling to your clothing, you can use an ONA spray.

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