Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost

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Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost is an advanced plant metabolism booster leading to more fragrant blooms.

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Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost is an advanced plant metabolism booster leading to more fragrant blooms.

Advanced Meta Boost works during a plant’s fruiting/flowering stage, along with another recommended product, Buddhas Tree PK 9-18, because when you combine them, they will produce the most incredible crop.

This product is full of natural goodness for your plants. It contains seaweed extract, plant sugars, amino acids and plant hormones, and some unknown ingredients that the manufacturers have kept secret.

Meta Boost works well with any base nutrient and Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 booster.

Advanced Meta Boost has several attributes, including:

  • Superb flowering stimulator
  • The high concentration formula makes it value for money
  • For use with almost any medium and growing system
  • For use in a plant’s flowering cycle
  • It works with outstanding results with any base nutrient brand
  • Vastly increases terpene and essential oil production
  • Make for a much bigger and better quality harvest
  • It’s also a bio-stimulant, as it feeds local friendly microbes in the substrate

How Does it Work?

Advanced Meta Boost contains seaweed extract, amino acids, plant hormones and plant sugars, and it has some secret ingredients. All these work together to give you fantastic harvests of really excellent quality.

This product enhances the metabolism of your plants, increasing nutrient uptake and speeding up the rate of growth by stimulating plants to produce more terpenes, which are terrific aromatic compounds contained in its essential oils.

Advanced Meta Boost is also a bio-stimulant. It feeds and encourages beneficial microbes in the plant’s root zone, helping to protect the plant’s roots from any disease and increasing the uptake of nutrients.

It contains no nutrients, so it is only a flowering stimulator that works best with a quality base nutrient and its flowering partner from the same stable, Buddhas Tree PK 9-18.

How to Use?

Meta Boost is a plant flowering stimulator that works with good-quality base nutrients and a PK booster. The product works for plants grown in any medium and all growing systems from soil to hydroponics.

  • Use from week four of flowering to the plant’s flush.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Make up your nutrient solution and add the product as specified on the bottle.

Never mix any additives, nutrients or boosters in concentrated form from the bottle. Always add them one at a time before giving the mixture a good stir and going on to the next one.

How Do I Buy Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost?

You can easily buy Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost from our website.

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