Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic

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Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic is a highly concentrated all-in-one bloom stimulator for hydroponic growers, available in sizes from 50ml to 5L. Its organic compounds enhance flavour and accelerate flower formation, supporting micro-organisms and enzymatic processes. Compatible with most nutrients and additives, it increases fruit size and yields for various vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants.

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Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic: The All-In-One Bloom Stimulator for Hydroponic Growers

Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic is a highly concentrated, all-in-one bloom stimulator designed to enhance flavour, accelerate flower formation, and increase fruit size and yield. Unlike other mineral fertilisers, Bi Bloombastic contains organic compounds that support micro-organisms during the flowering phase, ensuring a healthy root system and a good yield.

How does this product work?

With its unique blend of minerals and vitamins, Bi Bloombastic is a stimulator, hardener, taste enhancer, and activator for various enzymatic processes. It is a versatile product with many different functions and advantages, making it an essential addition to any hydroponic grower’s toolkit.

Features and Benefits:

– Enhances flavour and accelerates flower formation
– Contains organic compounds for environmentally conscious growing
– Highly concentrated all-in-one bloom stimulator
– Stimulates general blooming power
– Increases fruit size and yield
– Versatile with many different functions and advantages

How do I use Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic?

Bi Bloombastic can be combined with most nutrients and other additives, making it a versatile product that can perform with different kinds of vegetables and fruits such as chilli peppers, strawberries, blueberries, and even ornamental plants like orchids and violets.

It can be used in the last 4 to 6 weeks of the flowering stage as an additive to your regular nutrients. When using irrigation systems, Bi Bloombastic can only be administered manually with a watering can to avoid the risk of clogging.


The recommended dosage for Bi Bloombastic is 1-2 ml per litre of water, making it a cost-effective solution for hydroponic growers.

Other Products for Hydroponic Growing:

To maximise the benefits of Bi Bloombastic, we recommend using it in combination with Atami’s other hydroponic growing products, such as Atami ATA NRG Growth-C, Atami ATA NRG Flavor, and Atami ATA NRG Root-C. These products can work together, providing the essential nutrients and minerals your plants need to thrive.

In conclusion, Bi Bloombastic is a versatile and cost-effective solution for hydroponic growers looking to enhance their plant growth and increase their yields. With its unique blend of minerals and vitamins, Bi Bloombastic is a highly concentrated all-in-one bloom stimulator that stimulates general blooming power, enhances flavour and accelerates flower formation. So, if you want to take your hydroponic growing to the next level, try it today!

How can I buy Atami ATA NRG Bi Bloombastic?

You can easily buy Bi Bloombastic from our website. Select the size required using the drop-down menu above.

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