Grotek Monster Bloom

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Grotek Monster Bloom is a very popular bloom enhancer additive that is full of essential nutrients that plants need for maximum yield. It is recommended for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems.

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Grotek Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom is a powerful bloom enhancer packed with essential nutrients and trace elements to promote healthy blooming and abundant yields in hydroponic growing.

The highly concentrated formula is specifically designed for use during the flowering stage of plant growth and offers a range of benefits to growers, including improved crop yield, larger flowers, enhanced starch and protein synthesis, and increased stem and stalk strength.

It is suitable for use in all types of hydroponic growing systems and offers growers quite a few handy attributes and qualities, and they include:

  • Promotes vigorous blooming and abundant yields
  • It contains essential nutrients and trace elements for healthy blooming
  • Specially formulated for use in hydroponic growing
  • Easy to use and apply to your hydroponic system
  • Suitable for a wide variety of plants
  • Dramatically improves the crop yield at harvest
  • Provides the nutrients necessary to ripen crops
  • Very popular with hydroponic growers around the world
  • Manages plant respiration and carbon dioxide uptake
  • Produces much larger flowers
  • Improves the transport of sugars and starches around the plant
  • Enhances starch and protein synthesis
  • Increases the strength of stems and stalks

How Does it Work?

Monster Bloom greatly assists plants during their middle stages of flowering development. Its high concentration of phosphorous triggers blooming and is crucial in promoting a healthy plant metabolism. The potassium in the product improves both the bloom and fruit quality while positively affecting photosynthesis, helping starch production inside the plant.

This product is potent, so you should phase it out before the final two weeks of flowering, ensuring that the plant has all the opportunity to metabolise the considerable power locked within the formula. You’ll then see an outstanding crop in both flavour and abundance.

How Do I Use Monster Bloom?

Monster Bloom is a supplement that is part of a complete nutrient feed program. Begin using it when buds are forming and continue to do so with every nutrient application during the plant’s flowering stage. Stop using it immediately before the final two weeks of flowering.

In hydroponics, use 6g per 19 litres of nutrient solution. Add to each nutrient solution application.


  • It contains monopotassium phosphate.
  • Available phosphoric acid (as P2O5): 50%
  • Soluble potash (as K2O): 30%

For optimal results, use Monster Bloom alongside other hydroponic products:

Grotek Final Flush: is a product used to flush out remaining nutrients and impurities from plants in the final stages of growth before harvest, to enhance the taste, colour and overall quality of the yield.

Grotek Monster Grow: This is a nutrient supplement specifically formulated for use during the vegetative stage of plant growth. It provides plants with the essential nutrients and trace elements they need for strong and healthy growth.

In conclusion, Monster Bloom is a powerful flower booster specially formulated for hydroponic growing. It provides plants with the essential nutrients and trace elements they need to produce large, dense blooms and abundant yields. You will achieve optimal results by following the instructions and using the formula in combination with other hydroponic products. It is a perfect supplement for use as part of a complete nutrient feed program for maximum yields.

Where Can I Buy Grotek Monster Bloom?

You can buy Grotek Monster Bloom without difficulty from our online store.

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