HortiONE 420 LED Grow Light


The HortiONE 420 LED Grow Light offers 150W of full-spectrum lighting, ensuring your indoor plants thrive from seedling to harvest. Its unique 45° angled LED panel and hybrid construction provide superior light diffusion and efficiency. Durable and energy-efficient, it’s perfect for various grow tent sizes, making it an ideal choice for hydroponic enthusiasts. Upgrade your indoor gardening experience with the HortiONE 420.

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Lighting Panel Evolution – Stronger, Brighter, Better

Looking to take your indoor hydroponic setup to the next level? The HortiONE 420 LED Grow Light is designed just for you. With its 45° angled LED panel and advanced reflector, you get superior light distribution and higher output. This hybrid construction combines full-spectrum LEDs with deep-red high-power LEDs for incredible flowering results. Whether you’re growing in a small tent or a larger room, this LED light is perfect for all plant growth stages.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes

  • 45° Angled LED Panel: Enhances light diffusion and homogeneity in your grow area.
  • Hybrid Construction: Uses high-quality Seoul 3030C and OSRAM LEDs.
  • Full-Spectrum Lighting: Ideal for both vegetative and flowering phases.
  • High Light Output: Offers 2.9 µmol/J efficacy for maximum efficiency.
  • Neutral White Light: Ensures true colour rendering and natural plant development.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Resistant to VOCs and sulfur, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.
  • Versatile Sizes: Suitable for grow areas ranging from 60 x 60 cm to larger setups.
  • Energy Efficient: Consumes only 150W while delivering 408 µmol/s of light.
  • Complete Package: Includes LED reflector, driver, suspensions, and manual.
  • Easy to Upgrade: Compatible with HortiONE dimmers and controllers.

Ready to optimise your indoor garden? The HortiONE 420 LED Panel has got you covered.

The HortiONE 420 LED is an advanced lighting solution designed specifically for indoor hydroponic cultivation. This innovative product offers an exceptional balance of efficiency, durability, and performance. Here’s how it works and why it stands out from other grow lights.

Advanced LED Panel Design

The HortiONE 420 features a 45° angled LED panel. This unique design enhances light diffusion and ensures even coverage throughout your grow area. The reflector supports diffuse lighting, increasing homogeneity and higher light output. Consequently, your plants receive optimal light exposure, promoting uniform growth.

Hybrid Construction

This LED panel uses a combination of high-quality components. It integrates full-spectrum MID-Power LEDs (Seoul 3030C with 4000K) and OSRAM giant high-power LEDs (deep-red: 660nm). This hybrid construction provides a balanced light spectrum suitable for both vegetative and flowering phases. As a result, you can expect healthy growth and excellent flowering results.

Full-spectrum and High Efficiency

The HortiONE 420 LED delivers a high light output with an efficiency of 2.9 µmol/J. This feature means for every watt consumed, you get more usable light (PPF), ensuring your plants get the best light possible. The full-spectrum lighting mimics natural sunlight, promoting natural plant development and true colour rendering.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Designed for long-term use, the HortiONE 420 is highly durable and resistant to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sulfur. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, this grow light is a reliable investment for serious hydroponic gardeners. It’s able to withstand the challenging conditions of indoor cultivation, making it a robust choice for any setup.

Versatile and Energy Efficient

Suitable for various grow areas, the HortiONE 420 can perform in spaces ranging from 60 x 60 cm to larger setups. It consumes only 150W, making it an energy-efficient option without compromising on light output. This facet makes it ideal for both small-scale and large-scale indoor gardening.

Complete Package and Easy Upgrades

The HortiONE 420 comes with everything you need to get started: an LED reflector, driver, suspensions, and a manual. Additionally, it’s compatible with HortiONE dimmers and controllers, allowing you to customise and upgrade your lighting system as needed.

Using the HortiONE 420 in your hydroponic setup is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these tips to ensure superior performance and plant growth.

Setting Up Your Grow Light

First, determine the ideal location for your Grow Light. It’s perfect for use in grow tents or grow rooms. Ensure your grow area dimensions match one of the recommended setups: 60cm x 60 cm, 80cm x 80 cm, or 100cm x 100 cm.

Hanging the LED Panel

Next, use the provided suspensions to hang the LED panel. Attach the suspensions to the designated points on the panel. Alter the height according to the needs of your plants. For seedlings, hang the light 60 to 75 cm above the plants. For vegetative growth, maintain a distance of 45-60 cm. During flowering, lower the light to 30-45 cm for maximum light exposure.

Connecting the Power

Connect the LED driver to the panel using the 2m connection cable. Ensure all connections are secure. Plug the driver into a power source. The HortiONE 420 supports universal input voltages (110/230, 90-305 Vac), making it versatile for various regions.

Adjusting Light Intensity

Although the HortiONE 420 is powerful, you might need to adjust the light intensity. Use the compatible HortiONE dimmer or knob-bluetooth-dimmer to fine-tune the brightness. This step ensures your plants receive the optimal light intensity at different growth stages.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Regularly check the light’s position and adjust as your plants grow. Ensure the environment remains within the specified temperature range (0 – 35°C) and humidity levels (less than 90% RH). Clean the LED panel periodically to maintain maximum light output and efficiency.

Optimising Your Grow Area

For the best results, combine the HortiONE 420 LED with reflective materials in your grow tent. This method maximises light distribution and ensures your plants receive uniform lighting. Check out the HortiONE website for more information about this LED and their other amazing products here.

How do I know if this LED is the right size for my Grow Tent?

Choosing the right size LED for your grow tent depends on your tent dimensions and plant needs. The HortiONE 420 LED is ideal for grow areas of 60 x 60 cm and 80 x 80 cm. For larger areas, consider using multiple panels. For example, two HortiONE 420 lights cover a 100 x 100 cm space efficiently.

Is this LED suitable for all Plant Growth Stages?

Yes, the HortiONE 420 LED Grow Light is suitable for all plant growth stages. Its full-spectrum lighting supports both vegetative and flowering phases. The combination of Seoul 3030C and OSRAM deep-red LEDs ensures your plants get the right light wavelengths throughout their life cycle. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for continuous use from seedlings to harvest.

Do I need a dimmable LED?

A dimmable LED is beneficial for adjusting light intensity based on plant growth stages. The HortiONE 420 LED is compatible with HortiONE dimmers, allowing you to control brightness easily. During early growth stages, lower light intensity is sufficient. As plants mature, increasing the light intensity ensures robust growth and flowering. Therefore, having a dimmable option provides flexibility and optimises plant health.

Additional products to complement your setup:

  • Mammoth Classic 60 Grow Tent: This grow tent provides a perfect environment for your hydroponic garden. With its reflective interior, it maximises the light efficiency of the HortiONE 420, ensuring your plants receive consistent and uniform lighting.
  • U-GO Fan with Digital Controller: Maintain optimal air circulation with the U-GO Fan. The digital controller allows precise adjustments, ensuring your grow space remains at the ideal temperature and humidity for plant health. It works seamlessly with the HortiONE 420 by preventing heat buildup and promoting airflow.
  • U-GO Carbon Filter: Eliminate unwanted odours with the U-GO Carbon Filter. This filter is essential for keeping your grow area fresh and odour-free. It pairs perfectly with the U-GO Fan, ensuring clean air circulates through your hydroponic setup.
  • Combi Ducting: Use Combi Ducting to connect your ventilation system components. It’s flexible and durable, ensuring efficient airflow between your U-GO Fan and U-GO Carbon Filter. This ducting ensures your grow area remains well-ventilated, enhancing the performance of your HortiONE 420 LED.
  • Rope Ratchets: Easily adjust the height of your equipment with Rope Ratchets. These sturdy ratchets allow for quick and secure positioning, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of light at every growth stage.
  • Duct Clips: Secure your ducting with Duct Clips to prevent air leaks and ensure a stable ventilation system. These clips keep your Combi Ducting firmly in place, maintaining the efficiency of your entire hydroponic setup.

Integrating these products with the HortiONE LED creates a comprehensive and efficient hydroponic grow space, ensuring your plants thrive in a controlled environment.

Upgrade Your Grow Room with the HortiONE 420 LED Grow Light

Transform your hydroponic garden with the HortiONE 420 LED. Experience superior plant growth, exceptional efficiency, and unmatched durability. Enhance your indoor cultivation setup today and ensure your plants thrive from seedling to harvest. Add the HortiONE 420 to your basket and watch your garden flourish.

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