Dimlux Xtreme Series LED

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Transform your indoor farming with Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights. Available in 500w, 750w, and 1000w, these lights offer unparalleled control and efficiency. Boost your plant’s photosynthetic rate with a unique blend of red and far-red light spectrum. Whether a beginner or a pro, this user-friendly system, with its adjustable light range, promises healthier plants and larger yields. Pair it with recommended products for a comprehensive indoor farming solution.

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Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights: Power and Precision Combined

Take your indoor farming game to the next level with the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights. Available in three power variants – 500w, 750w, and 1000w, these lights redefine efficiency and control in horticultural lighting.

An Unparalleled Horticultural Experience

Crafted with patented technology, the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights maximise your indoor garden’s potential. They represent a powerful blend of LED technology and thermal design, delivering an unparalleled horticultural experience. The industry-leading features of these LED lights offer you the flexibility to fine-tune your lighting environment based on your plants’ growing stage.

This product stands out by offering a unique blend of red and far-red light spectrum. Studies point to the benefits of this combination in boosting photosynthetic rates, leading to larger flowers. For growers, this means a higher yield from the same space. While other light fixtures may promise similar results, the Dimlux Xtreme Series outperforms with a substantially higher output without compromising the red light ratio.

The Xtreme Series LED Lights come in two variants – with and without far-red spectrum. Why the choice? Studies highlight the power of combining red and far-red spectra in boosting photosynthetic rates. This powerful combo leads to larger flowers, with the resulting output being more than the sum of their individual contributions – a classic case of synergy at its best. However, it’s crucial to note that far-red can increase plant stretch in sensitive species. Therefore, if you’re constrained by height in your indoor setup, opting for the variant without the far-red spectrum might be wise. This way, you get the power and efficiency of the Dimlux Xtreme Series tailored to your unique growing needs.

How does this product work?

The working principle behind these LED lights is simple yet ingenious. The white and red LEDs are handled on separate channels, allowing you to independently control the light spectrum your plants receive. These lights can be adjusted from a 1:1 to over a 1:10 blue-to-red ratio, with a recommended maximum of 1:4.5. This exceeds the typical 1:2 ratio offered by most static spectra.

The full-colour LCD on the front of the fixture communicates real-time settings, status, errors, and spectra. In addition, auxiliary RGB LEDs offer over 65k colours, useful as a supplemental or green work light in the dark phase.

How do I use a Dimlux Xtreme Series LED?

Using the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights is a breeze thanks to the preset Grow and Bloom setting. Daisy-chain your fixtures together; a single fixture can control the spectra on all connected lights. For more hands-on growers, the independent control channels offer many customisation options.

Features and Benefits in Hydroponic Setup

  • Spectral Flexibility: With separate channels for red and white LEDs, growers can fine-tune the light spectrum according to their crop’s requirements.
  • Increased Yields: Enhanced photosynthetic rates due to the red and far-red light spectrum lead to larger flowers and improved crop yield.
  • Versatile: The product can be dimmed without losing efficiency, making it versatile for various growth stages.
  • User-friendly: The full-colour LCD makes understanding and operating the lighting system simple and intuitive.

Recommended Products

  • BudBox Pro Series Tents: BudBox Pro tents offer sturdy, reliable, and light-proof environments for your indoor growing needs. Paired with the Xtreme Series LED, these tents help maximise light efficiency and penetration, leading to higher yields and healthier plants.
  • Dimlux Maxi Controller: This intelligent controller acts as the central command, adjusting your grow light settings based on environmental conditions. Its synergy with the Xtreme Series allows optimal light control, resulting in a more efficient and fruitful growth cycle.
  • ExHale CO2 Bag: An often-overlooked aspect of indoor farming is proper CO2 supply. The ExHale CO2 Bag ensures plants get the CO2 they need for optimal growth. When paired with the Xtreme Series LED Grow Lights, you create a well-rounded environment that caters to all plant needs, from light to CO2, resulting in an overall increase in crop yield and health.

These products and the Dimlux Xtreme LED Grow Lights create a comprehensive indoor growing solution. The interplay between these components ensures that all aspects of your indoor farming setup are fine-tuned to your needs, paving the way for a more effortless and rewarding gardening experience.

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How can I buy a Dimlux Xtreme Series LED?

You can easily buy a Dimlux Xtreme Series LED from our online store by selecting the model you require using the drop-down menu.

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