DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC


Elevate your hydroponic environment with the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC, a standout 1000W HPS replacement. This fixture boasts advanced OSRAM LEDs, achieving exceptional efficiency with a broad light spectrum for superior plant growth. Featuring unique cooling and energy-saving up to 25%, it seamlessly integrates into any setup, ensuring prolonged and robust performance for any indoor garden.

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Illuminate Your Grow Space: Efficiency Meets Innovation

Ever thought about boosting your indoor garden’s efficiency while slashing your energy costs? Meet the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC – your new partner in advanced hydroponic lighting. As a true 1000W HPS replacement, this LED fixture not only saves you up to 25% in energy but also enhances your plants’ growth with superior light distribution. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing setup or kickstart a new growing project, this light makes all the difference.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Efficiency: Operates with an outstanding efficiency of 2.6 µMol/J, making it one of the most energy-efficient lights on the market.
  • High-End OSRAM LEDs: Utilises top-bin OSRAM LEDs that ensure minimal degradation over time—about 1% per year—so your lights perform longer and stronger.
  • Optimal Light Distribution: Wide beam optics provide uniform light distribution, ensuring plants receive equal light and eliminate hotspots and shadows.
  • Advanced Cooling System: Features a unique positioning of LED bars that create a Venturi effect for optimal cooling, enhancing the reliability and lifespan of the unit.
  • Fully Dimmable: Offers a dimming range from 30% to 100%, allowing you to adjust light intensity according to plant growth stages or specific cultivation needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with all existing DLI systems, this fixture integrates effortlessly into your current setup, making it easy to expand or enhance your growing space.
  • Robust and Reliable: With an IP65 rating, it’s designed to withstand the humid conditions of grow rooms, ensuring durability and long-term performance.
  • Energy Saving: Huge energy consumption reduction by up to 25%, lowering your operating costs and improving sustainability.

This powerhouse LED not only meets but exceeds the demanding needs of modern indoor horticulture. It’s more than just a grow light; it’s a pivotal part of your garden’s success story.

Delving into the mechanics of the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC reveals why it’s a standout choice for indoor growers looking for high efficiency and robust performance. This fixture combines cutting-edge lighting technology with practical design features, catering to the specific needs of hydroponic gardens.

Advanced LED Technology

High-End OSRAM LEDs: At the heart of the Apex Series are the latest generation OSRAM LEDs, chosen for their superior light output and minimal degradation over time. Unlike lower-quality LEDs that degrade by 25% to 50% annually, these LEDs degrade only about 1% per year, ensuring your setup retains optimal light output for longer periods.

Broad and Uniform Light Spectrum: Furthermore, the Apex Series offers a broad spectrum of light, which is crucial for plant health and yield. The wide beam optics enhance this by ensuring uniform light distribution across a larger area, which is vital for even plant growth without light burn or shadow spots.

Superior Design and Integration

Innovative Cooling System: Unique among its peers, the Apex Series uses the positioning of its LED bars to create a Venturi effect. This innovative design optimises cooling, which is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and lifespan of the LEDs.

Seamless System Compatibility: Additionally, this fixture fits perfectly with all existing DLI systems. It integrates seamlessly with DLI controllers, allowing for easy upgrades or expansions without compatibility issues.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Energy-Saving Features: Not only does the Apex Series light up your grow space effectively, but it also cuts down on energy costs. Capable of saving up to 25% in energy compared to traditional HPS systems, this fixture supports your sustainable cultivation practices without compromising on performance.

Each aspect of the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC boasts precision, from its energy-efficient operation to its advanced cooling mechanisms. These bragging rights make it not just a tool but a long-term investment in the productivity and sustainability of your hydroponic gardening endeavours.

Integrating the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC into your hydroponic setup can revolutionise your indoor gardening. This section explains how to effectively utilise this advanced lighting system to ensure optimal growth conditions and straightforward operation.

Initial Setup and Installation

Choosing the Right Location: Begin by selecting a location in your grow room that will allow the light to cover your plant area evenly. Ensure the installation spot has adequate airflow and is free from any water exposure, considering the light’s IP65 rating for moisture resistance.

Mounting the Fixture: Securely mount the fixture at an appropriate height above your plants. Typically, you want to hang it about 75 to 100 centimetres above the plant canopy to maximise light distribution and minimise leaf burn. The built-in spirit level helps achieve a perfectly level installation, which is crucial for even light spread.

Configuring the Light Settings

Adjusting Light Intensity: Utilise the dimming feature to change the light output according to your plants’ growth stages. You can vary the intensity from 30% to 100%, with lower settings ideal for seedlings and higher intensities best for flowering plants.

Connecting to Controllers: For a more automated setup, connect the fixture to a DLI controller. This integration allows for precise control over the lighting schedules and intensity adjustments, making it easier to manage your growing environment effectively.

Daily Operation and Maintenance

Routine Checks: Regularly inspect the fixture for any signs of damage or wear. Check connections and cables for security and integrity to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

Cleaning the Fixture:

  1. Keep the light clean to maintain high light output.
  2. Dust it carefully using a soft, dry cloth, and gently clean the LED bars if necessary.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals, as they may damage the lenses.

Monitoring Plant Response: Pay close attention to how your plants respond to the lighting. Adjust the height and intensity as needed to accommodate their growth and health.

By following these guidelines, you’ll maximise the effectiveness of your DLI Apex Toplight 800, enhancing your hydroponic garden’s productivity and sustainability. This LED fixture is not just about providing light; it’s about optimising your growing environment for the best possible yields. Check out the manufacturers website and their fantastic case study showcasing the Apex LED in action here.

What’s the difference between this LED and the DLI Diode Series LED?

The DLI Apex Toplight 800 offers several advantages over the DLI Diode Series. Notably, the Apex Series provides higher light output with less power, thanks to its advanced LED technology and superior cooling system. Additionally, it features a broader and more uniform light distribution, making it ideal for replacing traditional 1000W HPS fixtures in larger grow spaces.

How often do I need to replace the LEDs?

One of the standout features of the DLI Apex Series is the longevity of its LEDs. Equipped with high-end OSRAM LEDs, the degradation rate is exceptionally low, about 1% per year. This feature means you can expect your LEDs to maintain optimal output for many years, significantly reducing the frequency of replacements.

Can I use this light in a low-height grow room?

Yup! The DLI Apex Toplight 800 design features a low-profile housing and wide beam optics, making it perfect for grow rooms with limited height. This design ensures even light distribution across your crops, even in confined spaces, without sacrificing performance.

Is it difficult to integrate this light with other systems?

Not at all! The Apex Series is fully compatible with all existing DLI systems and can integrate easily into your current setup. It communicates seamlessly with DLI controllers, allowing for straightforward expansion or enhancement of your hydroponic system.

  • DLI Digital Controller DLM-4: Elevate your lighting management with the DLI DLM-4 Zone Controller, capable of independently managing up to four zones with 200 lights each. This robust controller not only allows for precise control over a large number of fixtures but also includes safety features to protect your crops by automatically adjusting or shutting down the lights if temperatures exceed set thresholds. Digital addressing ensures uniform light output across all fixtures, making it an ideal companion for large-scale operations.
  • DLI Joule Series 1000W 208-240V DC Full Fixture: Complementing the DLM-4’s capabilities, the DLI Joule Series offers a powerful and low-maintenance solution for extensive grow areas. Its built-in spirit level ensures perfect alignment, contributing to an even light spread that works hand-in-hand with the DLM-4’s precision control to optimise plant growth and energy efficiency.
  • DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC: This series is excellent for detailed light management alongside the DLI Apex Series. When integrated with the DLM-4 controller, the Diode Series provides additional coverage and intensity control, filling any gaps in light distribution and ensuring that every bit of your growing space benefits from optimal lighting.

Together, these products form a comprehensive system that maximises both the efficiency and effectiveness of your hydroponic lighting setup. Whether you are managing a small personal project or a large commercial operation, this combination offers the scalability and control necessary to achieve superior growth results.

Take Control with the DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC

Realise the full potential of your hydroponic garden with the DLI Apex Toplight 800 FS DC. Perfect for growers who demand precision and efficiency, this top-of-the-line lighting solution is ready to transform your grow space. Add it to your setup today and witness unparalleled growth and vitality in your garden. Revolutionise your hydroponics journey now.

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