DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC


Elevate your indoor garden with the DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC. This foldable and lightweight LED lighting solution offers an efficiency of 2.9 µMol/J, dimmable settings, and is fully compatible with all DLI systems. Designed for effortless installation and optimal growth, it’s perfect for spaces lacking natural sunlight. Ideal for hydroponic enthusiasts seeking reliability and superior plant performance.

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Redefining Indoor Growth: Optimise Your Yield with Precision Lighting

Looking for a top-tier lighting solution that matches your indoor hydroponic needs? Meet the DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC. Designed by Dutch Lighting Innovations, a leader in horticultural engineering, this fixture brings together exceptional efficiency, a foldable design, and seamless integration capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, this light ensures your plants get what they need exactly when they need it.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Efficiency and Output: Outstanding 2.9 µMol/J efficiency ensures optimal light intensity while minimising energy use.
  • Foldable Design: Makes transport and installation simpler and more cost-effective.
  • Fully Dimmable: Adjust the light intensity from 30% to 100%, allowing you to modify the lighting to different stages of plant growth.
  • Broad Spectrum LED Technology: Uses high-quality OSRAM LEDs to provide a wide colour spectrum that’s ideal for all growth stages without needing natural sunlight.
  • Plug & Play Installation: Ready to use right out of the box with a simple setup guide, perfect for quick and easy installation.
  • Dutch Craftsmanship: Manufactured in the Netherlands, guaranteeing high-quality construction and reliability.
  • Complete Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all existing DLI systems and controllers for easy integration or expansion of your setup.
  • Safe and Reliable: Built with the highest safety standards in mind, featuring an IP65 rating against dust and moisture.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Thanks to efficient cooling and robust build quality, the lifespan of this fixture outpaces many competitors.
  • Tailored Lighting Plans: DLI provides custom lighting solutions to fit your specific indoor growing requirements.

This LED grow light is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a pivotal part of your indoor gardening success. Each feature ensures you have the most flexible, reliable, and efficient lighting environment for your plants.

The DLI 600 FS-DC is a state-of-the-art lighting solution designed specifically for the precise demands of indoor hydroponics. It utilises cutting-edge technology and innovative design to optimise plant growth through efficient and effective illumination. Here’s a deeper dive into how it functions and why it stands out in the hydroponic gardening market.

Advanced LED Technology

High-Quality OSRAM LEDs: The core of this system lies in its use of premium OSRAM LEDs. These LEDs are selected for their broad colour spectrum and high efficiency, which are crucial for simulating natural sunlight. Furthermore, the light emitted covers the full spectrum needed for photosynthesis, promoting healthy plant growth through all stages.

Efficiency and Energy Savings: With an efficiency rating of 2.9 µMol/J, the DLI Diode Series is among the most efficient lights on the market. This high efficiency translates into lower electricity costs and a reduced environmental impact, all while delivering the intense light needed for optimal plant development.

User-Friendly Design

Foldable and Lightweight: The unique foldable design of the fixture not only eases the setup and installation process but also significantly reduces transportation costs. Its lightweight nature enhances this benefit, making it ideal for various indoor setups, regardless of space size.

Plug & Play Capability: Installation is straightforward with the plug-and-play feature. Once installed, the light is ready for immediate use, which simplifies the process for growers of all experience levels.

Customisable Lighting Control

Dimmable Functionality: The ability to adjust the light intensity from 30% to 100% provides growers with the flexibility to adapt lighting based on the plant’s growth stage or specific needs. This dimming feature is possible via a DLI controller, which integrates seamlessly with the lighting system.

Complete System Integration: The fixture is fully compatible with existing DLI systems. This compatibility allows for easy expansion of your lighting setup without the need for additional controllers or accessories.

Durability and Reliability

Robust Build Quality: Manufactured in the Netherlands, the DLI Diode Series adheres to the highest standards of quality and durability. The fixtures can withstand the humid and wet conditions often found in grow rooms, evidenced by their IP65 rating against moisture and dust.

Longevity and Maintenance: Thanks to efficient cooling technologies and the use of high-quality materials, the lifespan of these lights is extended significantly beyond that of standard grow lights. Additionally, their design facilitates easy cleaning and minimal maintenance.

This grow light system is not merely a functional tool but a crucial investment for serious hydroponic gardeners. Its advanced technology, combined with user-friendly features and robust design, makes the DLI Diode 600 an essential component for enhancing crop yield and efficiency.

Integrating the DLI Diode LED 600 into your hydroponic grow space is straightforward and rewarding. This section will take you through setting up and using this advanced lighting system, ensuring you get the most out of its features for optimal plant growth.

Setting Up Your Lighting System

Choosing the Right Location: First, select a location in your grow room or tent where the light will cover all plants evenly. Ensure that the area allows for proper ventilation and has easy access to a power source.

Mounting the Fixture: Once you’ve chosen the location, use the included mounting equipment to attach the light fixture to your grow room’s ceiling or tent’s support structure. Make sure the light is evenly balanced to avoid tilting.

Adjusting the Height: Position the light at the recommended distance from the top of your plants. This distance might vary depending on the plant type and growth stage, but a general rule is to start with about 30 centimetres above the canopy to prevent light burn.

Configuring the Light Settings

Connecting to a Power Source: Plug the Wieland power cable into a suitable power outlet that matches the voltage requirements of the fixture. Check all connections are secure to prevent any electrical hazards.

Utilising the Dimming Features: If you’re using a DLI controller, connect it to the fixture to take advantage of the dimmable settings. Adjusting the light intensity is crucial during different growth phases—lower for seedlings and higher for flowering plants.

Testing the Setup: After everything is connected, turn on the light to test its functionality. Check if all parts of the growing area receive adequate illumination, and adjust the position of the light if necessary.

Integrating With Your Hydroponic System

Synchronising Multiple Fixtures: If you have a larger setup, you might need more than one DLI Diode Series light. Connect each fixture to the DLI Controller DLM4 to ensure they operate in harmony, providing uniform light across all your plants.

Routine Checks and Adjustments: Regularly inspect your lighting system for any issues or adjustments needed. Monitor plant growth and adjust the light intensity and height as your plants develop.

Cleaning and Maintenance: To prolong optimal performance, clean the fixture regularly using a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the LEDs or the fixture’s surface.

Using the DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC in your hydroponic setup not only ensures your plants receive the best possible light but also optimises your energy usage efficiently. With this system, you can create a controlled, sustainable environment that supports vigorous plant growth. For more information on this product, check out the DLI website here.

Is a Foldable LED Better Than Conventional Fixed-Bar Models?

Absolutely! The foldable design of the DLI Diode LED 600 offers several advantages over traditional fixed-bar models. Firstly, it’s much easier to transport and store, reducing shipping costs and space requirements. Additionally, installation is more flexible, allowing for quick adjustments and reconfiguration based on your grow room’s evolving needs. Plus, the innovative design doesn’t compromise on light output or efficiency, ensuring your plants receive optimal illumination.

Do I Need a Controller to Use This LED?

While the DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC can operate effectively without a controller, using one enhances its functionality. A controller allows you to dim the lights, which is essential for providing the right amount of light during different growth stages. It also enables the integration of multiple fixtures into a cohesive system, simplifying management and ensuring uniform light distribution across your crops.

How Does the Light Spectrum of This LED Affect Plant Growth?

The DLI Diode LED Multilayer 600 utilises high-quality OSRAM LEDs that emit a broad spectrum of light, closely mimicking natural sunlight. This spectrum is crucial for promoting photosynthesis and can significantly impact plant growth and health. The light includes varying wavelengths that support vegetative growth and flowering, ensuring that your plants receive the right type of light at each stage of their development.

  • DLI Digital Controller DLMini: A perfect partner for anyone using DLI fixtures, this simple and easy-to-use controller lets you adjust light intensity with ease. Whether you’re running LEDs, HPS, or UV lights, the DLMini seamlessly integrates to provide optimal light levels. Its user-friendly interface means you can modify settings without fuss, enhancing both efficiency and your plants’ growth environment.
  • DLI Joule Series 1000W 208-240V DC Full Fixture: Designed for high efficiency and low maintenance, the Joule Series offers exceptional light spread with over 95% of light reaching your plants. It’s ideal for spaces with limited height but doesn’t compromise performance. Pair it with the DLMini for effortless light management and to ensure perfect illumination in every corner of your growing space.
  • DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC: Standing out for its energy savings and top-tier OSRAM LEDs, the Apex Series is the go-to for replacing traditional 1000W HPS fixtures. It delivers a broad light spectrum, critical for indoor settings without direct sunlight, and maintains high efficiency over time.

Ready to Advance Your Grow with DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC?

Experience unparalleled precision and performance with the DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC. Ensure your indoor garden thrives with this cutting-edge technology. Add this game-changer to your basket today and see your hydroponic plants reach new heights of vitality and yield. Transform your growing strategy with DLI—where innovation meets growth.

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