Elite Quantum LED Grow Light

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The Elite Quantum LED Grow Light revolutionises indoor gardening with advanced Samsung LED technology and a full spectrum light for all growth stages. Featuring dimmable settings and daisy chain capability, it ensures optimal light conditions and energy efficiency. Ideal for all hydroponic setups, its sleek design and easy setup make it the perfect choice for maximising your harvest.

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Illuminate Your Grow Room with Cutting-Edge LED Technology

Looking to maximise your indoor gardening success? The Elite Quantum LED Grow Light Panels are perfect for all your plants, from seedlings to flowering stages. These high-efficiency lights, featuring Samsung LED technology, deliver a full spectrum of light. You’ll get optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing, ensuring plants receive the best possible care. With three sizes available, there’s a perfect fit for every grower’s needs. Plus, the sleek, slim design makes setup a breeze.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-efficiency white light quantum boards with Samsung LM281B+ diodes for superior performance.
  • Full spectrum white light for optimal canopy penetration and easy plant inspection.
  • New Design: Extra dimmer knob and connection function for precise control.
  • Dimmable from 0% to 100%, allowing customised lighting environments.
  • Reliable passive-cooled design – no noisy fans needed.
  • Optimal canopy penetration with diffused light, ensuring even light distribution.
  • High-efficiency driver produces top-quality light while using less power.
  • Daisy chain capability lets you control multiple lights with one unit.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, these LED grow lights will help you achieve impressive results.

The Elite Quantum LED operates using advanced Samsung LED technology, providing a full spectrum of light that mimics natural sunlight. This light spectrum includes white, blue, red, and infrared (IR) wavelengths, essential for all stages of plant growth. By delivering the optimal light spectrum, the Elite Quantum ensures your plants get everything they need to thrive.

Samsung LED Technology

The heart of the Quantum LED is its Samsung LM281B+ diodes. These high-efficiency diodes produce a superior light output while consuming less energy. As a result, you get a higher yield with lower energy costs. The full-spectrum light includes 3000K and 5000K white light, 660nm red light, and 760nm IR light. This combination promotes vigorous growth from seedlings to flowering stages.

Dimmable and Daisy Chain Features

One standout feature of the Elite Quantum LED is its dimmable capability. You can alter the light intensity from 0% to 100%, tailoring the light conditions to your plants’ specific needs. This flexibility helps in different growth stages, ensuring optimal plant health.

Additionally, the Elite Quantum offers a daisy chain feature. This functionality allows you to connect multiple lights and control them with a single unit. Connect the lights using an ethernet cable, and adjust the output for up to 12 lights from one control panel. This feature is perfect for larger grow rooms or grow tents, making management a breeze.

Passive Cooling Design

Unlike other grow lights that require noisy cooling fans, the Elite Quantum uses a reliable passive-cooled design. This feature means it dissipates heat effectively without the need for additional cooling equipment. Consequently, your grow room stays quiet and cool, providing a better environment for both you and your plants.

High Efficiency and Optimal Canopy Penetration

The Elite Quantum Panel is designed for high efficiency, boasting a light output PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) that ensures excellent canopy penetration. The large form factor and diffused light spread evenly across your plants, reaching lower leaves and ensuring uniform growth. This optimal penetration is key for maximising your harvest.

Hydroponic gardeners will find the Elite Quantum Panel a valuable addition to their setup. The advanced technology, energy efficiency, and customisable features make it a smart choice for achieving a bountiful indoor harvest.

Setting up and using the Elite Quantum LED Grow Light in your hydroponic system is straightforward. Follow these detailed instructions to ensure your plants get the best light possible for optimal growth.

Setting Up the Light

First, choose the appropriate size LED panel for your grow space. Whether it’s the EQ1000, EQ2000, or EQ4000, make sure it fits your grow room or tent. Then, mount the light at the recommended height. For the EQ1000, it’s best to hang it 45-60 cm above your plants. Adjust the height based on the plant’s growth stage and light needs.

Check out our Grow Tips section, which features an article, The Best Distance to Have Lighting from Plants in a Hydroponic System. And if that’s not enough, take a look at this great post from Scynce LED, How Close Should Grow Lights be to Plants.

Connecting and Powering On

Once mounted, plug the light into a power source. If you are using multiple lights, take advantage of the daisy chain feature. Connect an ethernet cable from the parent light’s channel two port to the child light’s channel one port. This setup lets you control all connected panels from one unit, simplifying adjustments and management.

Adjusting Light Intensity

With your lights in place, it’s time to adjust the intensity. The Elite Quantum features a dimmer knob, allowing you to set the light output from 0% to 100%. During the seedling stage, lower light intensity is sufficient. As plants progress to the vegetative and flowering stages, increase the light intensity to meet their growing needs.

Monitoring and Maintaining

Regularly check the light’s position and adjust as your plants grow taller. Ensure that the light covers the entire canopy evenly, providing optimal penetration to all parts of the plants. Look for signs of light stress or deficiency and adjust the height or intensity as needed.

Utilising the Full Spectrum

Take advantage of the full-spectrum light provided by the Elite Quantum. This light includes white, blue, red, and IR wavelengths, essential for different growth stages. Blue light promotes vegetative growth, while red and IR light support flowering. The full-spectrum ensures your plants receive a balanced light diet, promoting healthy and robust growth.

How Long Should an LED Grow Light Last?

Elite Quantum LED panels can last for years. On average, they can run for 50,000 hours or more. This longevity ensures maximum value for your investment. With proper care, you can enjoy consistent performance throughout multiple growing cycles.

What Colour LED Light is Best for Plant Growth?

The Elite Quantum uses a full spectrum of colours, including white, blue, red, and infrared (IR). Each colour serves a specific purpose. Blue light (5000K) is ideal for vegetative growth, while red light (660nm) and IR (760nm) enhance flowering. The white light (3000K) offers a balanced spectrum that supports all growth stages, ensuring healthy and vigorous plants.

How Many Watts Should My LED Grow Light Be?

The wattage of your LED grow light depends on the size of your grow area. For example, the EQ1000 is 100W and covers a 75 x 75cm area for vegetative growth. The EQ2000, at 240W, covers a 90 x 120cm area. For larger setups, the EQ4000 at 420W covers a 150 x 150cm area. Choose the model that fits your specific growing space to ensure optimal light coverage and plant growth.

How Far Away Should Grow Lights Be from Plants?

The distance between your grow light and plants varies by growth stage. For seedlings, keep the Elite Quantum LED Grow Light 45 – 60cm above the plants. During the vegetative stage, maintain a distance of 30-45 cm. For the flowering stage, adjust the light to 15-30cm away. Always monitor your plants and adjust the height to prevent light burn and ensure even light distribution.

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Boost Your Indoor Garden with the Elite Quantum LED Grow Light

Experience unparalleled growth and efficiency with the Elite Quantum LED. Transform your indoor gardening setup and achieve incredible results. Don’t wait to boost your harvest – add this LED to your basket and see the difference in your plants today!

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