SANlight EVO 5-120 LED


Upgrade your hydroponic setup with the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED. This lighting fixture functions in tall spaces and challenging outdoor conditions. It provides excellent brightness, greater productivity, and energy-saving capabilities. With its 320W power consumption and 870µmol/s PPF, your plants receive optimal light for photosynthesis. The dimmer allows precise light intensity control, while the IP65 protection ensures durability. Discover the complete capabilities of your plants with the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED. Order now and experience superior plant growth in your indoor garden.

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SANlight EVO 5-120 LED: Revolutionising Hydroponic Lighting

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED, a state-of-the-art luminaire explicitly designed for hydroponic setups. With its unrivalled performance and exceptional features, this LED light will revolutionise how you cultivate plants indoors. Achieve optimal growth, increased yields, and energy efficiency like never before. Let’s explore why the SANlight EVO 5-120 is the ultimate choice for hydroponic enthusiasts.

How does this product work?

The EVO 5-120 has been meticulously developed as a project luminaire, catering to the needs of high rooms and open areas. Whether you have a large-scale project or an extreme tent application, this LED light delivers outstanding results. By combining advanced technology and scientific research, SANlight has created a lighting solution that maximises plant growth and health.

Harnessing the power of 320 watts, the EVO 5-120 emits an impressive Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) of 870µmol/s. This feature means your plants receive an optimal light spectrum for photosynthesis, resulting in faster growth, higher yields, and healthier crops. The EVO 5-120 covers a generous area, with a length of 1018mm, width of 291mm, and height of 116mm, ensuring comprehensive plant coverage.

With an IP65 protection class, the EVO 5-120 can withstand the demands of hydroponic environments. It is water-resistant, dustproof, and built to last, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment for your indoor garden. 

Additionally, the EVO 5-120 is for use with an EVO M-Dimmer (available separately), allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to the specific needs of your plants.

How do I use a SANlight EVO 5-120 LED?

Using the EVO 5-120 LED is straightforward and hassle-free. Position the luminaire at the optimal height above your plants, ensuring an even light distribution across the canopy. Thanks to its compact design and versatile installation options, you have the flexibility to mount the EVO 5-120 according to your setup requirements.

We recommend using the EVO 5-120 in combination with CO2 supplementation to achieve the best results. While studies show that it is possible to operate without CO2 supplementation, adding CO2 gas will optimise your cultivation and significantly enhance the growth potential of your plants. Experience explosive growth and robust yields with this powerful combination.

Features and Benefits:

  • Developed as a project luminaire: The EVO 5-120 is designed for high rooms and open areas, making it suitable for large-scale projects and extreme tent applications. No matter the size of your hydroponic setup, this luminaire delivers outstanding performance.
  • CO2 supplementation and dimmer recommended for tent use: When using the EVO 5-120 in a tent, we highly recommend using CO2 supplementation and the M-Dimmer. These additions ensure that your plants receive the ideal light intensity and carbon dioxide levels, resulting in optimal growth and maximum yields.
  • Horticultural care without CO2 supplementation: If you choose not to use CO2 supplementation, utmost horticultural care is advised. The EVO 5-120 still provides exceptional lighting, but adding CO2 gas will unlock your plants’ full potential.

Recommended Products:

To complement and optimise your EVO 5-120 LED, we suggest considering the following accessories from the same brand:

  1. SANlight EVO M-Dimmer: Take complete control of your lighting setup with the SANlight EVO M-Dimmer. This advanced dimming device allows you to fine-tune the intensity of your EVO 5-120 LED according to the specific requirements of your plants. Achieve precise light adjustment and create the perfect lighting environment for optimal growth and development.
  2. SANlight EVO Power Lead: Ensure a secure and reliable power connection for your EVO 5-120 LED with the SANlight EVO Power Lead. This high-quality power cable works seamlessly with this product, providing a stable and efficient power supply. Experience peace of mind knowing that your lighting system is powered safely and efficiently.

By adding the SANlight EVO M-Dimmer and the SANlight EVO Power Lead to your setup, you enhance the functionality and performance of your EVO 5-120 LED. Enjoy precise control over your lighting and ensure a seamless power connection, producing optimal plant growth and exceptional yields.

How can I buy a SANlight EVO 5-120 LED?

You can easily buy a SANlight EVO 5-120 LED from our online store.

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