Maxibright Daylight Pro LED Grow Light

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The Maxibright Daylight Pro LED Grow Light offers high-quality lighting for hydroponic setups, providing uniform coverage and efficient light penetration. With a full spectrum of light and customizable dimming options, this light offers outstanding performance for plants at any growth stage. Its slimline design and easy clip-on bars make it simple, while the iLink compatibility allows control of up to 10 units.

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Maxibright Daylight Pro LED Grow Light

Maxibright Daylight Pro LED Grow Light is an innovative and powerful lighting system for hydroponic growers. The LED grow light range comprises five models with varying power, including 200W, 300W, 480W, 660W, and 1030W.

The product provides uniform coverage across the canopy within a room up to 1.8 x 1.8 square metres, making it perfect for indoor gardening.

How Does This Product Work?

The Daylight Pro has a full-spectrum output with extra red light for enhanced flowering. The light uses Osram and LUMLED LED chips, ensuring that plants receive a uniform light spectrum.

The ladder design of the light spreads light evenly from the individual chipsets, resulting in a high total output and uniform spread of light. This design also avoids hotspots, making it possible to mount the light closer to the canopy than is typically possible.

The product is stoppable in 25 – 100% increments and is energy-efficient, with low heat output. The light provides a significantly improved light penetration, resulting in healthy plant growth.

The product has IP65 ingress protection, protecting it from water and humidity, making it perfect for indoor gardening.

Here are some handy features and benefits of this light when used in a hydroponic setup:

  • These LED Grow Lights provide a full spectrum of light essential for your plants’ optimal growth. The light output ranges from 380nm to 780nm, which covers the entire PAR range, including UV and IR light.
  • These lights have extra red light that enhances flowering and perfectly balances the red and blue spectrum, which is vital during the flowering stage.
  • Using the dimming function, you can adjust the light output from 25% to 100%. This feature makes it easy to adjust the light output according to your plants’ needs at different growth stages.
  • These Grow Lights use high-quality Osram and LUMLED LED chips, providing excellent light output and longevity.
  • If you have a larger growing area, you can control up to 10 units using iLink cables, making it easy to manage multiple lights from a single point.
  • This range of LED grow lights is ideal for hydroponic setups between 0.8m x 0.8m up to 1.8m x 1.8m, providing uniform coverage across the entire growing area.
  • These LED lights have a low heat output, making them energy efficient and cool to run. This feature is vital in hydroponic setups where temperatures need careful control.
  • This LED provides excellent light penetration, ensuring that your plants receive adequate light throughout the growing area, even in dense canopies.
  • The Daylight Pro LED has easy-to-use heavy-duty brackets that allow you to hang the light at the perfect height for your plants.
  • The slimline design of this LED grow light makes it easy to install and use in any hydroponic setup without taking up too much space.
  • The clip-on bars of the Daylight Pro make it easy to assemble and install the light without the need for any special tools or equipment.
  • The Daylight Pro has IP65 ingress protection, making it waterproof and dust resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh environments.
  • This LED is easy to assemble and install by just one person without needing special skills or tools.
  • The Daylight Pro is fully plug-and-play, making it easy to set up and use immediately.

How Do I Use This Product?

The Daylight Pro is straightforward and requires only one person to assemble it. The light bars clip together, then plug the product into a power source, and away you go.

When hanging the LED light in the growing space, any humidity generated will not affect the light due to the IP65 waterproof ingress protection, which comes as standard.

When using this light for the first time, use the dimmer to avoid plant stress and gradually increase the effective light. The product features a sunrise and sunset function and an auto-dim and auto-shut-off function.

It is also possible to daisy chain several light fixtures together while controlling two separate rooms if necessary.

This LED is an excellent investment for hydroponic growers, and it works well with other hydroponic products:

  1. Nutrients – hydroponic plants require a specific range of nutrients, and the proper nutrients can significantly improve the growth and yield of your plants.
  2. CO2 Enrichment – increasing the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your grow room can promote photosynthesis and enhance the growth of your plants.
  3. Temperature and Humidity Controllers – controlling the temperature and humidity levels in your grow room is crucial to the growth and health of your plants.

Check out our feature article, which explains the best lighting for your hydroponic setup.

The Daylight Pro is an excellent investment for hydroponic growers looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution. They provide full-spectrum light output for enhanced flowering and improved light penetration.

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