G.A.S Square Wall Flange

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The G.A.S Square Wall Flange is a component that is necessary to connect the various parts of ducting to a wall in a hydroponic ventilation system.

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G.A.S Square Wall Flange

The G.A.S Square Wall Flange is a component that is necessary to connect the various parts of ducting together in a hydroponic ventilation system.

It is a square shape instead of the round shape of the other type of connector. Use it to attach your lengths of ducting to the wall for increased stability.

When deciding what ventilation system you want to use and the ducting that will go with it, there are certain things to consider. The design should be as lightweight as you can safely make it, as it needs to support itself and the various components used in the hydroponic venting system, some of which can be heavy. Try to make the system as quiet as possible and consider the pressures within the ducting itself.

This product is wall mounted, and so is steel construction for extra durability. By having a compact construction, you may reduce the weight of the entire assembly. You only need to perform the primary function of quickly removing stale air from the growing region.

This product is perfect for use in hydroponic growing systems as it has a wide range of handy features and benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy-to-use design
  • Several sizes are available to fit the majority of components or ducting
  • Secure and very safe to use
  • Rustproof and highly durable
  • These connectors will last a lifetime
  • Made of the finest quality material

How does it work?

Use the Square Wall Flange to connect the different ducting components within your hydroponic ventilation system, particularly when you want to secure the ducting to the wall for stability. These products provide a solid and secure connection throughout your ducting or extraction system.

Please indicate which size of connector you need by using the above menu.

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Where can I buy the G.A.S Square Wall Flange?

You can easily buy a G.A.S Square Wall Flange from this website.

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