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Experience superior ventilation in your hydroponics with Fox Combi Ducting. Designed to be lightweight yet incredibly durable, it creates a flexible, airtight system that endures grow room pressures. Its advanced multi-layer design reduces noise, resists fire, and maintains structural integrity under stretch. Easy to install, available in various sizes, and offers value for money. Combine it with our recommended products, such as the Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan and Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters, for an excellent starter growing environment.

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Fox Combi Ducting: The Flexibly Durable Solution for Hydroponic Ventilation

Fox Combi Ducting is the preferred solution for robust, lightweight, and ultra-durable ventilation in any hydroponic setup. Its unique design comprising an aluminium outer shell and a protective layer of PVC makes it superior to standard ducting, offering durability, fire resistance, and air tightness.

Key Features and Benefits

Using Combi Ducting in your hydroponic environment offers numerous advantages:

  • Lightweight and Durable: This ducting system doesn’t strain or fail under extended use, reducing wear and tear significantly.
  • Heat and Pressure Resilient: Designed to withstand the temperatures and pressures typical in hydroponic grow rooms.
  • Fire Resistant: Offers a layer of safety in your grow setup.
  • Airtight: Prevents unwanted odour leaks and maintains optimal air pressure in your growing environment.
  • Value for Money: Highly durable, requiring less frequent replacements than standard ducting.
  • Easy to Install: Available in 5m and 10m lengths and six different opening sizes, enabling compatibility with various systems.
  • Noise Reducing: The protective PVC layer helps muffle the noise created in your grow room, promoting a quieter working environment.

How Does Fox Combi Ducting Work?

Combi Ducting provides a sturdy, flexible, airtight conduit for air movement in your hydroponic setup. It’s designed with an aluminium and polyester multi-layer structure reinforced by a flexible steel helix, ensuring longevity and resistance against crimping.

Creating the optimal conditions for plants to thrive in a hydroponic environment involves maintaining a slightly lower air pressure inside the grow room than outside. Ensuring more air leaves the grow tent than enters it from outside achieves this negative air pressure. Combi Ducting, with its high-quality construction, is the perfect tool to manage this vital airflow effectively.

Check out our Grow Tips & Advice section, which features an article explaining the benefits of maintaining negative air pressure inside your grow space.

How Do I Use This Product?

Installing Combi Ducting in your hydroponic setup is simple due to its flexibility and availability in various lengths and widths. Choose the appropriate size and diameter according to the specifications of your grow room and ventilation system.

Once you’ve chosen the suitable Combi Ducting, connect it to your air extractors, carbon filters, and other air-moving devices. Ensure all connections are secure and airtight to maintain optimal air pressure and reduce noise.

Recommended Products

  • Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan: A perfect match for Combi Ducting, this fan boosts airflow in longer ducting runs. It’s lightweight, energy-efficient, and operates quietly. Combined with Combi Ducting, it ensures efficient air circulation for optimal plant growth in your hydroponic setup.
  • Duct Clips: Essential for a secure, airtight installation of your Combi Ducting. These durable clips ensure your ducting stays attached to your ventilation components, creating a seamless airflow system. Paired with the durability of Combi Ducting, they provide a lasting solution for your hydroponic setup’s ventilation needs.
  • Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters: Designed to eliminate odours and purify the air in your hydroponic grow room. Rhino Filters are reliable and long-lasting, providing optimal airflow and ensuring your plants grow in the cleanest environment possible. Combined with the airtight design of Combi Ducting, it creates an efficient, odourless ventilation system.
  • Lightweight Rope Ratchets: These ratchets are perfect for securing fixtures like lights, fans, and filters in your grow setup. They are easy to adjust, can hold the majority of growing room essentials, and have a simple locking mechanism for secure fastening. Combined with Combi Ducting and the Cyclone Ducting Booster Fan, they provide a safe and effective method of adjusting and securing your ventilation setup.

Combi Ducting is a handy tool in successful hydroponic cultivation, combining ease of installation, durability, and robustness in a highly effective product. The result is an improved growing environment, leading to better plant growth and yield.

How can I buy Fox Combi Ducting?

You can easily buy Fox Combi Ducting from our website by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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