G.A.S Ducting Connection Kit

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G.A.S Ducting Connection Kit

The G.A.S Ducting Connection Kit is an all-in-one accessory bundle to help growers connect their ventilation system for optimal airflow.

To ensure a quality crop and a healthy yield, one of the crucial ingredients in hydroponics is the capacity to construct an enclosed system that contains precisely the ideal environment for plants to grow and flourish.

The air pressure, humidity, and temperature levels in your grow room or tent are all impacted by not delivering proper airflow, which is likely to affect the healthy growth of your crop.

How Does This Kit Work?

This kit includes a METU Pro Fast-clamp and an Allen key, a quick-release Duct Clip, PhonicTrap Duct Tape and a Female duct connector.

Using this connection bundle helps us to give our hydroponic grow space a helping hand by ensuring a safe and secure airtight extraction system. Discover more about this topic by reading our “Air Pressure in a Hydroponic System” article.

This ducting kit is perfect for use in all types of hydroponic set-up, and it has the following valuable features and benefits:

  • A convenient all-in-one bundle
  • A pack containing all the critical ventilation accessory connection tools
  • Quality components to ensure a robust extraction system
  • Single source items to guarantee compatibility
  • Cost-effective and durable products

How do I use this Ducting Kit?

Follow the instructions below to establish a tight seal when sealing the inner and outer layers to the flange to avoid leaks. You will require a 1x connection kit for each ducting side you wish to install.

  1. Join the inner ducting to the flange using the provided tape.
  2. Reposition the acoustic foam so that the breathable material is covered.
  3. Align the outer black layer with the other two by pulling it up, then secure with a jubilee clip.
  4. You can tape the jubilee clip to the ducting and flange, helping to reduce movement during operation.

Where Can I buy a G.A.S Ducting Connection Kit?

You can easily buy a G.A.S Ducting Connection Kit from our website.

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