Systemair Fast Clamp

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Systemair Fast Clamps are clips that enable the installation and removal of inline fans when you first install them and whenever they need servicing or cleaning.

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Systemair Fast Clamp

A Systemair Fast Clamp is a clip that enables installing and removing inline fans when fitting them and when they need servicing or cleaning.

They are made from galvanised steel, complete with neoprene lining 8mm thick, which suppresses any vibrations from the various moving parts in the fan.

These clamps are an excellent product for use in hydroponic growing setups, and they have a range of beneficial characteristics, including:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Made from top-quality galvanised steel
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Snug fitting
  • Suppresses vibrations from moving parts of the venting system

How do these fast clamps work?

For an efficient ventilation system for your grow room or tent, the ducting used in hydroponic systems offer a simple, affordable method of connecting the various parts, such as fans and filters.

Use clamps like these to keep everything firmly fastened. The neoprene lining ensures a good, tight fit. The fast clamps are attached with two screws, allowing for slight differences in dimensions if they exist.

It’s always best practice to have as few sharp bends in your ventilation system as possible. For those instances when a 90° angle is unavoidable, try to utilise components that will make this transition as smooth as possible. If you can achieve this design, the sound levels of the air travelling through your ducting will be quieter and using these clamps from Systemair will ensure a close, secure connection.

There are six different sizes of these products, and these are:

  • 4″/100mm
  • 5″/125mm
  • 6″/150mm
  • 8″/200mm
  • 10″/250mm
  • 12″/315mm

You can indicate which size(s) you want using the menu above.

For more information about optimising the environment within your growing space, check out our feature article, which explains why it’s beneficial to have negative air pressure.

Where do I buy a Systemair Fast Clamp?

You can easily buy a Systemair Fast Clamp from our online store.

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