CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter

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The CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter revolutionises odour management in hydroponics. Its unique design ensures efficient odour elimination while maintaining optimal airflow—experience quality and performance like never before with this exceptional addition to your hydroponic setup.

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CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter: Revolutionising Hydroponic Odour Management

Efficient, effective, and built to last, the CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter is the first choice for many hydroponic growers operating in smaller spaces. Developed by the trusted creators of the well-regarded RVK and Revolution duct fans, this filter boasts SystemAir’s renowned quality and reliability. A stand-out feature of the CarboAir 50 is its utilisation of more coarse-grained carbon, surpassing industry norms. This distinctive characteristic ensures maximum contact time for eliminating unwanted odours while guaranteeing unrivalled fan airflow.

Airflow rates are crucial in any hydroponic setup. If a carbon filter contributes excessive ‘drag’, your ventilation process may falter, causing detrimental effects to your growing environment. This scenario could lead to elevated temperatures and insufficient carbon dioxide renewal, hampering photosynthesis and your plants’ growth. Hence, securing a top-notch carbon filter, like the CarboAir 50, is vital for maintaining an optimal ecosystem for your plants.

CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter Features and Benefits

  • Efficient odour removal without compromising fan capacity
  • Hand-crafted to SystemAir’s exceptional quality standards
  • Complements Revolution fans for optimised performance
  • It comes with a pre-installed, machine-washable pre-filter sleeve.
  • Ensures peak performance at rated airflows for at least 18 months
  • Ideal for smaller spaces, working perfectly with smaller output duct fans, such as RVK’s
  • Designed to minimise odours without reducing airflow rates

How does this product work?

The CarboAir 50 is indispensable for any grower keen to manage strong odours. Your growing area’s extractor duct fan draws out warm, stale air and excess moisture, refreshing the area with new air. However, purifying the air before directing it outside is vital for those dealing with strong odours. By attaching the CarboAir 50 to your extractor fan, the air passes through a mesh cover and a carbon bed before exiting the ventilation system, leaving the air clean and odour-free.

How do I use this product?

Match your CarboAir 50 filter to a compatible duct fan to ensure efficient operation. If the fan’s airflow rating is too high, the air may rush through the filter too rapidly for adequate cleansing. Installation involves securing the filter close to the growing area or inside a grow tent and attaching it to the extractor fan via ducting and clips or a fast clamp. Ensure all joints are airtight for proficient operation.

To maximise the filter’s effectiveness:

  1. Avoid enclosing or obstructing the exterior.
  2. Hang smaller filters from bars or ceilings to save space and eliminate warm air.
  3. For larger filters, place them on the floor.
  4. Once installed, attach the filter and fan to ducting that extends beyond the growing area.

Remember, the CarboAir 50 should always be attached to the intake side of the fan. Excessive humidity can compromise the filter’s performance, so aim for a humidity level of 40%-60%. Regularly clean the external dust filter to maintain optimal airflow.

Recommended Products

  • SystemAir RVK Fans: A prime companion for the CarboAir 50, these fans receive praise for their robust construction and quiet operation. Providing excellent ventilation, they help maintain the ideal environment for your plants. Perfect for seamless compatibility with CarboAir filters, RVK fans ensure smooth and efficient airflow, contributing to a balanced, odour-free grow space.
  • METU Pro Fast Clamps: Offering strength, durability, and ease of installation, METU Pro Fast Clamps are your go-to for airtight connections between the CarboAir 50 and your duct fan. These fast clamps are sturdy and built to withstand long-term use while ensuring your ventilation system remains intact and leak-free. They streamline the setup process, making them an invaluable tool for your hydroponics setup.
  • PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting: When it comes to ducting, PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting is a top-tier choice. Known for its excellent noise reduction properties, this ducting allows your ventilation system to run quietly without disrupting your daily activities. Its triple-layer design ensures durability and longevity, keeping your system running efficiently for longer. PhonicTrap ducting complements the CarboAir 50 in maintaining optimal airflow, enhancing your overall hydroponic experience.

In conclusion, the CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter is a testament to top-tier hydroponic equipment. When paired with the right accessories, it offers an unparalleled solution to odour management and airflow regulation, promoting a thriving environment for your plants. From SystemAir RVK Fans to METU Pro Fast Clamps and PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting, equip your hydroponics setup with these commendable products for a more efficient and productive growth journey.

Where Can I Buy a CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter?

You can easily buy a CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter from our online store by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu.

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