Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″)


The Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″) is a useful circulatory air fan ideal for use in medium-sized and larger hydroponic systems’ grow spaces.

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Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″)

The Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″) is a useful and capable circulatory air fan ideal for use in medium-sized and larger hydroponic systems’ grow rooms and tents.

It will positively affect the area by ensuring that the air continuously circulates naturally. Air refreshes your plants, keeps the carbon dioxide levels up and maintains temperature and humidity at constant rates throughout the environment while reducing the chance for parasites to thrive and cause disease or harm to the crop.

This pedestal fan has three speed settings, can also be set to oscillate or remain static, and is generally regarded as being superb value for money.

There are also some useful features and attributes, and included in these are the following:

  • Keeps the air moving around in your hydroponic grow-room
  • 3-speed controller
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • The fan may be tilted up or down
  • Oscillating (side-to-side) function or can be switched to static
  • 45-watt power consumption
  • An oscillating indoor fan moves air within your grow room to prevent diseases and fungi
  • It helps to make the stems of your plants robust and improve plant health
  • It has an adjustable head and height as well as a finger-safe mesh grill

How the Pedestal Fan Works

Plants take in CO2 through tiny pores called stomata. Plants prefer having fresh circulating air around them, and the more the air moves, the more it helps provide them with CO2. This circulation also helps keep plants cool in the summer, especially if hot lamps are in the growing area.

The Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″) is great at keeping the air moving in medium-sized grow rooms. This fan has a fully adjustable height and three speed settings. It can tilt forwards or backwards and oscillate so that the head moves from side to side. The fan’s blades are designed for a lot of air movement and making the slightest noise, while the guard mesh surrounding them is tough and prevents any objects from accidentally touching the blades as they are in motion.  It does many things for very little expense, so it is of great value.

Using the Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Assemble your fan according to the instructions supplied. We recommended facing the fan towards a wall of the growing area so that the airflow will, as it were, bounce off this wall and create some air movement, which is a better alternative to facing it directly towards your plants.

You can adjust the fan’s height utilizing the centre column twist-grip and then lift or lower this fan part until you have it at the required height. Twist this in the opposite direction if you want to lock the fan at that specific height. Then plug the fan into the mains and switch it on by pressing one of the three speed-switch settings.

It’s important to remember to never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fan’s own switches to control the speed. If an air circulation fan connects to a fan speed controller (designed for in-line duct fans only), it will likely burn out, possibly starting a fire.

This circulatory air fan is not to be confused with the more powerful duct fans, which move large volumes of air from one space to another as part of the growing area’s ventilation system; and should not be used with a fan controller. It is a stand-alone product easily installed within any hydroponic grow tent or grow room. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Power Consumption: 45 Watts
  • Minimum Height: 1130mm / 44.5 inches
  • Maximum height: 1320mm / 52 inches

Where Do I Buy the Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″)?

You can easily buy a Cyclone Pedestal Fan 400mm (16″) from our website.

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