Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

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Experience the ultimate in air circulation with the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan, tailored for hydroponic grow tents. These fans effortlessly clip to tent poles, offering adjustable heights and oscillating features (on select models) to ensure even air distribution. Their durability, low power consumption, and compatibility with various pole sizes make them an essential addition to your indoor gardening toolkit. Enhance plant health and growth with these easy-to-install, efficient air circulation solutions.

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Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

Unleash the Power of Perfect Air Circulation in Your Grow Room

Ever thought about what makes a thriving indoor garden? It’s not just about watering your plants and giving them light. The real game-changer? Air circulation. That’s where the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan comes in, a perfect solution for keeping your grow tent’s environment just right.

Why You’ll Love the Monkey Fan:

  • Innovative Attachment System: Clips easily to grow tent poles, letting you move the fan up and down effortlessly. Say goodbye to clunky, floor-standing fans.
  • Sizes for Every Need: Available in 150mm (6″) 16w, 200mm (8″) 20w, and 230mm (9″) 30w. There’s a perfect fit for every grow tent size.
  • Oscillation on Demand: The 200mm version oscillates, spreading air evenly. For non-oscillating needs, the 150mm and 230mm models are your go-to.
  • Built to Last: Features a high-durability ball bearing and cold-resistant grease, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with three fasteners fitting tubes from 16mm to 30mm in diameter. Set up is a breeze.
  • Efficient and Powerful: Low power consumption (16, 20, or 30 watts) with a 100% copper motor. Generates up to 2300 RPM.
  • Safety First: Pole attachment ensures the fan won’t fall on your precious plants.
  • Space-Saving Design: Keeps your floor space clear, maximising your grow area.
  • UK Plug Included: Pre-wired for immediate use in the UK.

How It Makes a Difference:

Think of those hard-to-reach corners in your grow tent; now, picture a gentle, effective breeze reaching them. That’s the Monkey Fan for you. It’s not about blasting your plants with air; it’s about mimicking the gentle, natural winds they’d feel outdoors. This product isn’t just a fan; it’s an essential part of your indoor garden’s ecosystem.

How Does the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan Work?

The Monkey Fan is ideally suited for the unique demands of hydroponic gardening. Let’s dive into how this fan works and why it’s a must-have for your indoor garden.

Precision Air Circulation

At its core, the Monkey Fan is all about optimising airflow. They clip onto the vertical poles of your grow tent, allowing you to adjust their height easily. This feature means you can target specific areas in your grow space that need more air circulation. With their two-speed settings, you have control over the intensity of the airflow, catering to the delicate needs of different plant stages.

Oscillation for Even Distribution

The 200mm (8″) 20w variant stands out with its oscillating feature. This function ensures that air is not just directed in one spot but is able to distribute evenly throughout your grow space. It’s crucial because consistent air movement helps to prevent the formation of mould and pests, common issues in stagnant air environments.

Durability and Compatibility

Secret Jardin designed Monkey Fans to last. They’re equipped with a ball bearing and new cold-resistant grease, enhancing their longevity. The fans fit tubes ranging from 16mm to 30mm in diameter, making them compatible with almost all grow tents. This adaptability is a significant plus for hydroponic gardeners who might upgrade or change their grow spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is key in hydroponic setups. The Monkey Fans excel here, offering low power consumption (16, 20, or 30 watts, depending on the model). Despite its low energy use, it’s powerful, with the ability to generate up to 2300 RPM. This efficiency means you can run the fan continuously without fretting about a spike in your electricity bills.

Safety and Space Optimisation

The design of the Monkey Fans ensures they won’t fall and damage your plants. Their space-saving feature is a boon for indoor gardeners. By attaching to the tent poles, it frees up valuable floor space, allowing for more plants or easier movement within the tent.

Why It’s a Hydroponic Gardening Essential

For hydroponic gardeners, managing the microclimate is a constant challenge. The Secret Jardin Monkey Fans address this challenge head-on. They create a uniform environment that mimics natural conditions, promoting healthy plant growth. The ability to prevent hot spots and ensure even air distribution is crucial for healthy, robust plants.

How do I use the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan?

Let’s break down the steps to ensure you feel completely at ease incorporating this fan into your grow room.

Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Choose the Right Location: First, identify where in your grow tent you need air circulation the most. Think about the areas where the air seems stagnant or where plants are denser.
  2. Attach the Fan: Take the Monkey Fan and open its clip. Fit it around one of the vertical poles of your grow tent. The fan is compatible with poles ranging from 16mm to 30mm in diameter, covering most standard grow tents.
  3. Adjust the Height: Slide the fan up or down the pole to the desired height. It’s essential to position it in a way that the air flows over your plants, not directly at them, to mimic a natural breeze.
  4. Secure the Fan: Once you’ve found the perfect spot, tighten the screw on the clip to secure the fan in place. This action ensures it stays stable and doesn’t shift during operation.
  5. Set the Speed: The fan comes with two speed settings. Start with the lower setting to see how your plants react, then adjust accordingly. Remember, the goal is gentle air movement.
  6. Oscillation Feature (200mm model only): If you have the 200mm oscillating model, you can activate the oscillation by pushing the knob beside the fan. If oscillation isn’t required, pull up on the knob.

Maximising the Benefits

  • Preventing Hot Spots: Regularly move the fan to different positions on the pole. This practice helps prevent hot spots in your grow tent and ensures all plants get equal air exposure.
  • Monitoring Plant Response: Keep an eye on your plants after installing the fan. Adjust the speed or position if you notice any signs of stress, like wilting or drying leaves.
  • Combining with Other Ventilation: If you have a larger setup, consider using multiple Monkey Fans. They work exceptionally well in tandem, providing comprehensive air circulation.

Final Tips for Success

  • Do Not Overdo It: Excessive air movement can stress plants. Start with a lower setting and observe.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep the fan clean from debris and dust to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Safety First: Always ensure the fan is securely attached to avoid any accidents.

By following these steps, you’ll create a more uniform and healthy environment for your hydroponic plants. Remember, good air circulation is key to successful indoor gardening, and these fans can help you achieve just that.

Check out the Secret Jardin YouTube channel which features a Monkey Fan assembly video here.

For more information, check out our Growing Tips and Advice section featuring an article, “Guide to Grow Room Air Circulation Using Fans“.


Q1: Can the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan be used with all types of grow tents?

Absolutely! The Monkey Fan is incredibly versatile. They come with three different fasteners, making them compatible with grow tent poles ranging from 16mm to 30mm in diameter. This broad range of compatibility means they fit seamlessly with nearly all grow tent models, including, of course, Secret Jardin tents.

Q2: What’s the difference between the oscillating and non-oscillating models?

Great question. The oscillating model, specifically the 200mm (8″) 20w fan, has a feature that allows it to rotate, distributing air more evenly across a wider area. This feature is ideal for ensuring that all your plants receive an equal amount of air circulation. The non-oscillating models, the 150mm (6″) 16w and 230mm (9″) 30w, direct airflow in a fixed direction, which is perfect for targeting specific areas in your grow tent.

Q3: How does the Monkey Fan contribute to preventing plant diseases?

The Monkey Fan plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy air circulation, which is key in preventing the onset of plant diseases. Stagnant air can lead to the development of mould and pests. By providing continuous air movement, the Monkey Fan helps to keep these issues at bay, ensuring a healthier environment for your plants.

Q4: Is it easy to adjust the position of the Monkey Fan once installed?

Yes, it’s quite easy! The fan’s design allows for effortless vertical adjustment along the tent pole. This feature means you can reposition the fan at any time without needing to detach or re-install it. This attribute is especially useful as your plants grow and their air circulation needs change.

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Elevate Your Grow Room with the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

Transform your hydroponic experience with the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan. Their unparalleled air circulation and easy installation make them a must-have for any indoor gardener. Add this essential piece to your basket today and witness the remarkable difference they bring to your thriving hydroponic oasis. Your plants will thank you!

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