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Elevate your indoor gardening with the Vitopod Propagator, a versatile solution for seeds and cuttings. Available in small and large sizes, both heated and unheated, it offers unparalleled control over growing conditions. Its precision thermostat adjusts to any one °C between 5°C and 30°C, ensuring optimal growth. The Vitopod’s adjustable height accommodates plants at various stages, while its robust, UV-resistant construction promises longevity. Ideal for year-round gardening, the Vitopod is a must-have for every hydroponic enthusiast.

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Vitopod Propagator: The Pinnacle of Controlled Plant Growth, Experience Precision and Versatility in Hydroponic Gardening

The Vitopod Propagator range is a highly acclaimed solution in the world of hydroponic indoor gardening. Tailored for the UK market, this Propagator is available in two sizes – Small and Large, and in both Unheated and Heated versions. It’s the perfect tool for ensuring your seeds and cuttings thrive, especially during the challenging winter season.

How Do These Propagators Work?

The Vitopod is a multifunctional device acting as a heated propagator, a mini greenhouse, and a cold frame. Its high-specification features set it apart, making it a top choice among gardeners. The Heated Vitopod models come equipped with a precision electric propagator with an inbuilt thermostat controller. You can set a steady temperature to any one °C between 5°C and 30°C, fostering faster and more effective seed germination.

How Do I Use This Product?

Using the Propagator is straightforward and practical:

  1. Setting Temperature: Adjust the thermostat to the specific needs of your plants for optimal growth conditions.
  2. Adjusting Height: The Vitopod can be adjusted in height (single, double, or triple) to accommodate the size of your plants, providing flexibility and space as they grow.
  3. Managing Humidity and Air Circulation: Utilise the large vents in the lid to control humidity and provide excellent air circulation, which is crucial for healthy plant development.

Unique Features and Benefits:

  • Award-Winning Design: Recognised by BBC Gardeners World and Grow Your Own magazine for its innovation and effectiveness.
  • Spacious and Versatile: The Large 100W model fits 12 half-seed trays or 55 pots, while the Small 50W model accommodates six half-seed trays or 25 seed pots.
  • Precision Control: Thermostat adjustable to any one °C between 5°C and 30°C.
  • Height Adjustable: Available in single, double, or triple heights, with each extension being 15cm tall.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Ensures a high germination success rate and easier watering management.
  • Accurate Temperature Sensor: Maintains the right temperature efficiently.
  • Large Vents in Lids: Provide excellent humidity control and air circulation.
  • Robust Construction: Made from durable, UV-resistant acrylic material, ensuring longevity.

Product Specifications:

  • Small 50W Vitopod (L56cm x W55cm) – Available in single, double, or triple height options.
  • Large 100W Vitopod (L111cm x W58cm) – Available in single, double, or triple height options.

Recommended Products to Complement Your Vitopod Propagator:

  • X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator: Ideal for the initial stages of plant growth, this Propagator enhances root development through aeroponic misting, setting the stage for a seamless transition to the Vitopod for further expansion. Its varied site options cater to different scales of gardening, ensuring versatility and efficiency in your hydroponic setup.
  • Growth Technology Root Riot Refill Bags: These provide an organic, peat-free growing medium, perfect for starting seeds or cuttings before transferring them to the Vitopod. Their natural composition promotes healthy root growth and complements the precise environmental control of the Vitopod.
  • Box of Scalpels: Essential for making clean, precise cuts on cuttings or seedlings, ensuring minimal damage and promoting healthier growth. These tools are handy when preparing plants for propagation in the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator or Vitopod.
  • Canna Start: A one-part nutrient solution perfect for rooted cuttings and seedlings, Canna Start is effective across various substrates. It provides essential micro and macro nutritional elements, ensuring rapid root zone development and overall plant health. Its formula improves the strike rate of seedlings and cuttings, is cost-effective, and accelerates early vegetative growth. Canna Start is especially beneficial in the early stages of plant growth, complementing the controlled environment of the Vitopod Propagator.
  • Nitrile Gloves: Providing a safe and hygienic way to handle plants, nutrients, and growth mediums, these gloves are an essential part of maintaining the cleanliness and health of your hydroponic environment. They prevent contamination and protect your hands during the delicate process of plant propagation and transfer.

Each of these recommendations plays a vital role in creating an effective and streamlined hydroponic gardening system, working in harmony to ensure the health and rapid growth of your plants from propagation to maturation.

How can I buy a Vitopod Propagator?

You can easily buy a Vitopod Propagator from our website by selecting the model you require using the drop-down menu.

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