SunBlaster LED Propagation Light

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Discover the excellence of SunBlaster LED Propagation Light for your indoor hydroponic garden. This efficient, eco-friendly lighting solution is perfect for all stages of plant growth. Featuring a sleek design, it emits a full-spectrum 6400K light, mimicking natural daylight. The lights offer low heat emission, are mercury-free, and operate silently. Ideal for various sizes of grow spaces, these LED lights ensure longevity and energy savings, making them a must-have for any indoor gardener seeking optimal growth and plant health.

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Brighten Up Your Grow Game with Advanced, Efficient, and Durable Lighting.

Ready to take your indoor growing to the next level? Meet the SunBlaster LED Propagation Light – your new go-to lighting solution in the world of indoor hydroponics. These LED Strip Lights shine in any indoor setup. With a focus on performance, economy, and longevity, they bring the sun right into your growing space. No more worrying about heat build-up or noisy fans; SunBlaster’s got you covered with its innovative Self-Cooling Technology. Let’s dive into what makes these lights a must-have for any indoor grower.

Key Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Powerful Light Output: These LEDs range from 1,250 to 5,150 lumens to ensure your plants receive ample brightness for optimal growth.
  • Energy Efficient: With power consumption between 12 to 48 watts, enjoy lower electricity bills without compromising on light quality.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: They boast a rated life of 50,000 hours, making them a long-term investment for your indoor setup.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in 30cm to 120cm lengths to fit your space perfectly.
  • Ideal Color Temperature: Each light emits a 6400 Kelvin spectrum, mimicking natural daylight to support plant growth.
  • Wide Lighting Angle: A 120° angle ensures even light distribution across your plants.
  • Low Heat Emission: The innovative Self-Cooling Technology allows for maximum light output without heat build-up.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Zero mercury content and virtually silent operation make these lights a green choice.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with flush mount and hanging clips for versatile setup options, plus the ability to link up to 8 LED Strip Lights.
  • Safe and Reliable: Dust and splash-resistant design with strict safety guidelines to ensure reliable operation in various indoor conditions.

Understanding the function of the SunBlaster LED Propagation Light is key to appreciating its value in a hydroponic gardening setup. These lights aren’t just about illumination; they’re about simulating the optimal conditions for plant growth indoors.

The Science Behind the Light:

  1. Optimised Spectrum for Growth: The SunBlaster LED emits light at 6400 Kelvin, a colour temperature that closely resembles natural daylight. This spectrum is crucial for photosynthesis, encouraging healthy growth and development in plants. It’s particularly beneficial during the seedling and vegetative stages, where adequate light is essential.
  2. Balanced Light Distribution: With a wide 120° lighting angle, these LED lights ensure uniform light distribution. This feature means all your plants, regardless of their position, receive equal light, reducing the risk of uneven growth and ensuring a consistent growth pattern across your entire garden.
  3. Efficient Energy Use: The high Power Factor of the SunBlaster LED lights translates to more light per watt of electricity used. This efficiency is not only cost-effective but also reduces the environmental impact of your gardening efforts.
  4. Self-Cooling Technology: One of the most innovative aspects of the SunBlaster LED is its ability to remain cool without external cooling devices. This feature minimises the risk of heat damage to your plants and reduces the energy used for cooling, making it a safer and more sustainable option.

Why Hydroponic Gardeners Choose SunBlaster:

  1. Longevity and Reliability: With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, these lights are a long-term investment, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Versatility in Installation: Whether you prefer to hang your lights above the plants or mount them underneath shelves, the SunBlaster LED’s flexible installation options cater to various indoor garden designs.
  3. Reduced Heat Emission: Low heat output is particularly important in a controlled indoor environment, where excessive heat can disrupt plant growth and lead to moisture loss.
  4. Silent Operation: The absence of noisy fans or other moving parts makes these lights ideal for indoor setups where noise can be a concern.
  5. Environmental Consideration: With no mercury content and lower energy consumption, these lights align with the eco-friendly ethos of many hydroponic gardeners.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started so you feel confident and ready to enhance your indoor garden.

Choose the Right Size

  • First, select the SunBlaster LED light that fits your space. Consider the size of your grow area and the number of plants. The range from 30cm (12″) to 120cm (48″) offers flexibility for various setups.

Decide on the Mounting Method

  • You have two options: flush mounting or hanging. Flush mount clips are ideal for under-shelf lighting or tight spaces while hanging clips are perfect for suspending the lights above your plants. Your kit contains both sets of clips.

Installing Your Light

  • For flush mounting, use the provided clips and screws to secure your light under a shelf or cabinet. Ensure the surface can support the light’s weight and that there’s enough clearance for your plants.
  • For hanging, attach the clips to both ends of the light and use “S” hooks or similar hardware (not included) to suspend the light from overhead support like a rack or ceiling hook.

Connecting the Lights

  • If you’re using multiple SunBlaster LEDs, you can connect up to eight lights with the included 14″ link cord. This daisy-chaining feature allows you to run numerous lights off a single power source, saving space and reducing clutter.

Powering Your Lights

  • Attach the 6′ power cord with the rocker on/off switch to the end of your LED light or the end of your linked chain of lights. Ensure the connection is secure.

Positioning for Optimal Growth

  • Adjust the height and angle of the LEDs to ensure even coverage for all your plants. The 120° lighting angle helps, but fine-tuning the position maximises light exposure.

Setting Your Lighting Schedule

  • Use a timer (not included) to automate your lighting schedule. Most hydroponic plants thrive with 12-16 hours of light per day, but this varies based on the specific needs of your plants.


  • The SunBlaster LED is virtually maintenance-free. Occasionally, you might need to wipe the lens cover with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth to remove dust.

Safety Tips:

  • Ensure adequate airflow around the lights.
  • Use 18 gauge AWG extension cords only.
  • Avoid exposing the lights to water or moisture.
  • Only connect up to 8 units maximum.
  • Avoid looking directly into the lights when they are on.

With these simple steps, you’re well on your way to providing your hydroponic plants with the high-quality light they need. For additional information, check out the SunBlaster website here.

Can I Link Multiple SunBlaster LED Strip Lights Together?

Absolutely! One of the great features of the SunBlaster LED Strip Lights is being able to link them. You can connect up to 8 lights in a daisy-chain fashion using the included 14″ link cords. This setup allows for an efficient, streamlined lighting system that can be powered from a single outlet, making it perfect for larger indoor hydroponic setups or grow rooms.

What is the Best Way to Clean My SunBlaster LED Lights?

Keeping your SunBlaster LED lights clean is easy and requires minimal effort. Unplug the light, and use a clean, dry, or slightly damp cloth to wipe the lens cover gently. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives that could damage the light. Regular cleaning ensures optimal light output and longevity.

Are SunBlaster LED Lights Suitable for All Stages of Plant Growth?

Yes, the SunBlaster LED Strip Lights support plant growth at all stages. The full-spectrum 6400K light output mimics natural daylight, making it ideal for everything from seed starting and propagation to the vegetative and flowering stages. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to any indoor hydroponic garden.

How Energy-Efficient Are SunBlaster LED Lights Compared to Traditional Grow Lights?

SunBlaster LED lights are highly energy-efficient, offering significant savings on your electricity bills. They have a high Power Factor, meaning they are extremely efficient at converting power into usable light. Compared to traditional grow lights, they consume less power for the same or even better light output, and their long lifespan further enhances their energy efficiency.

Check out these recommendations to complement your LED.

  • X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator: A perfect companion to the SunBlaster LED lights, the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator accelerates plant growth by misting the roots with a nutrient-rich solution. Its use of aeroponics ensures faster root development and better oxygenation, leading to healthier, more robust plants. When paired with the SunBlaster LED, you get an efficient, high-performance setup ideal for propagation and early vegetative growth.
  • Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes: These cubes are a game-changer for seed starting and cloning, providing the perfect balance of air and water for optimal root development. Made from organic materials, they are fully biodegradable and eco-friendly. Using Eazy Plug Cubes under your SunBlaster LED lights ensures your seeds and cuttings get the best start, with consistent moisture and excellent light exposure.
  • Shogun Start: This nutrient solution is specially formulated for young plants and seedlings. It promotes healthy root development and early vegetative growth, which is essential for a strong start. When used in conjunction with the SunBlaster LED lights and X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator, Shogun Start creates an ideal environment that encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth right from the start.
  • Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel: A must-have for any cloner, Clonex Gel ensures high success rates in root development for cuttings. It seals the cut tissue instantly, supplying the hormones needed for root cell development and vitamins to protect delicate new root tissue. Paired with the precise light from the SunBlaster LED and the nurturing environment of Eazy Plug Cubes, Clonex ensures your cuttings develop quickly and healthily.

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Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the SunBlaster LED Propagation Light. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform your hydroponic system with this state-of-the-art lighting solution. Add it to your basket now and take the first step towards a more efficient, vibrant, and thriving indoor garden. Your plants will thank you!

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