Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2


Discover the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer, the hydroponic gardener’s essential tool. Dual-display precision temperature and humidity monitoring ensure your plants thrive in the best environment. It’s a game-changer for indoor gardens with user alerts, memory functions, and energy efficiency. Elevate your hydroponic setup and cultivate unparalleled success. Dive into a transformative gardening experience with top-tier equipment.

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Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2: The Hydroponic Gardener’s Essential Tool

Creating the perfect environment for plants is paramount for those passionate about indoor gardening. Enter the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2, which ensures your hydroponic setup is always in prime condition. This device isn’t just another gadget; it’s your partner in cultivating a thriving harvest.

Key Features and Benefits for Hydroponic Gardeners:

  • Precision Monitoring: Measures temperature from -50°C to 70°C and humidity levels with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Dual Display: Simultaneously observe the ambient air temperature inside and outside your grow space.
  • User Alerts: Customise your temperature range and receive alerts if deviations occur.
  • Memory Function: Review and analyse environmental trends with the min/max function.
  • Versatile Placement: Conveniently stand it on a surface or mount it on a wall using the integrated keyhole.
  • Energy Efficient: Powered by a single AAA Battery.
  • Time Display Flexibility: Toggle between 12hr and 24hr modes based on preference.

How does the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2 work?

The Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer is a blend of simplicity and functionality. The primary display indicates the local temperature, while the secondary one reveals the probe’s readings. This dual system allows users to monitor two distinct zones simultaneously. Its memory function retains the highest and lowest readings since the last reset, making environmental trend tracking effortless. Its adaptable design complements any grow space, whether placed on a table or hung on a wall.

How do I use this product?

Initiating the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer is straightforward. Begin by slotting in the provided AAA battery. Strategically position it within your grow space, either standing or hanging. The device instantly commences its monitoring duties. For personalised insights, set specific temperature thresholds. If the readings surpass or fall below these markers, an alarm will alert you, ensuring your plants remain in optimal conditions.

Recommended Products to Complement Your Hydroponic Setup:

  • SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Grow Light: This state-of-the-art LED grow light ensures your plants receive the optimal light spectrum. Its energy efficiency and light intensity make it a top choice for hydroponic gardeners. When used with the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer, you can monitor the temperature and adjust the light’s duration and intensity, ensuring your plants get the right amount of light without overheating.
  • RAM Wall Fan 16″: Proper air circulation is crucial in any hydroponic setup. The RAM Wall Fan, with its 16-inch diameter, provides consistent and reliable airflow, reducing the risk of mould and ensuring even temperature distribution. By pairing it with the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer, you can easily monitor the temperature and humidity levels, adjusting the fan speed accordingly to maintain the ideal environment.
  • Vitalink Chill: In those warmer months when heat can harm your plants, Vitalink Chill comes to the rescue. It aids in protecting plants against heat stress, ensuring they thrive even in higher temperatures. Using the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer, you can accurately determine when to administer Vitalink Chill, optimising its effectiveness.
  • Vitalink Heat: Just as plants need protection from excessive heat, they also require safeguarding from the cold. Vitalink Heat ensures your plants remain active and healthy during colder periods. When the Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer detects a temperature drop, it signals gardeners to use Vitalink Heat, ensuring plants stay in their optimal growth state.

With these products in your arsenal, paired with the HTC-2, you’re fully equipped to provide the best environment for your hydroponic garden. Each product complements the other, ensuring your plants get the care and attention they deserve. At Caliponics, we’re not just about selling products but about nurturing success in every hydroponic endeavour.

In wrapping up, the HTC-2 is a must-have for every hydroponic enthusiast. It’s more than a measuring tool; it’s a commitment to understanding and refining your garden’s environment. With this instrument, you’re not merely growing plants but cultivating excellence.

How can I buy a Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2?

You can easily buy a Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe HTC-2 from our website. Remember, if you don’t need a probe, there’s always the HTC-1.

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