Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes

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Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes are made from 100% biodegradable coconut fibre, resulting in fast, strong rooting and healthy seedlings.

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Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes

Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes are made from 100% biodegradable coconut fibre, resulting in fast, strong rooting and healthy seedlings.

There are several options around the same principles of transplanting, including different shapes, such as pyramid shapes, plugs and block shapes, to make various functions easier. All are very simple to use, and their composition and ingredients are completely natural.

These blocks are perfect for use in hydroponic growing methods as they include several beneficial attributes:

  • Help to create a highly developed root zone
  • Stay hydrated long after the water drains off
  • Easy and able to deliver outstanding results
  • Robust and healthy roots are characteristic of its use
  • Highly versatile product suiting soil, coco and hydro systems
  • Mainly organic ingredients which are 100% compostable
  • Provide clean, lightweight storage and transport
  • Buffered pH and EC values
  • Boost efficiency and effectiveness of nutrient uptake

These products help create an extremely dense root structure in an eco-friendly way.

How do Organic Transplanting Blocks work?

These Organic Eazy Blocks consist of the same material – which is 100% organic and compostable – as the Eazy Plug Organic Propagation Cubes. However, these products with similar names should not be confused with each other. Their ingredients include perlite, coco fibre, peat and fertiliser. They are easy to use and very versatile over several applications.

They have outstanding water-retaining qualities and optimally buffered EC and pH levels. They’re incredibly well-bonded, so there’s no need for wrapping or covering. The roots of plants are air pruned, which is when primary roots stop their advance beyond the block edges due to air exposure. This process causes a breakout of secondary roots, which repeat the same process, resulting in very complex and robust root development.

This dense root system will have outstanding absorption attributes for efficient nutrient and water uptake. Precisely what your plants need for healthy growth.

How do I use Organic Propagation Blocks?

Organic Propagation Blocks have a predetermined EC and pH level and a fixed and stable air-to-water ratio. Using these handy units is simple, but you should always ensure that excess water is allowed to drain out so that the over-watering of seedlings cannot occur.

The product provides easy, fast, robust rooting and germination under optimum conditions.

When germinating, moisten the block and place the seedling straight in the seed hole. Always ensure that the block releases excess water and that the immediate environment is warm and moist.

No rooting gel or powder is necessary here, although if you want a robust root system to develop, it would certainly help. Check out Doff Natural Rooting Powder, an excellent product for ensuring the healthy development of your cuttings.

The firmness and homogeneity of the composite structure are never in doubt, so it cannot be shaken apart, for example. There’s never a need to be concerned about damage whenever it’s in transit. Root damage is, therefore, almost unheard of, as is exposure to the dangers of diseases.

This fantastic yet simple product has an unlimited shelf life.


Weight: 0.1 kg
Dimensions: 7.5 × 7.5 cm

How Do I Buy Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes?

You can easily buy Eazy Block Organic Transplanting Cubes from our online shop.

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