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Elevate your hydroponic gardening with Grodan Grocubes! These innovative cubes, utilising advanced NG2.0 substrate technology, offer a robust and porous medium perfect for a variety of plants. Designed for longevity, they maintain structure and balance in air and water for years, ensuring rapid root development and vigorous growth. Ideal for both container and bedding cultivation, Grocubes are the intelligent choice for sustainable, efficient hydroponic gardening. Transform your garden today with Grodan Grocubes!

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Maximise Plant Vitality with Grodan Grocubes: The Future of Hydroponic Cultivation

Experience unparalleled growth and vitality in your hydroponic garden with Grodan Grocubes. These innovative cubes, available in 125L pack-size, are revolutionising the way we approach container and bedding cultivation, offering unmatched benefits for a wide range of plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced NG2.0 Substrate Technology: Built on cutting-edge NG2.0 technology, ensuring superior quality and performance.
  • Long-lasting Structure: Grocubes maintain their structure over several years, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice.
  • Optimal Water Absorption: The hydrophilic fibre structure allows for easy water absorption and fast resaturation, promoting healthy root growth.
  • Ideal Air/Water Balance: Designed to keep the air-to-water ratio optimal in all seasons, crucial for plant health.
  • Perfect for a Variety of Plants: Especially effective for container- and bed-grown plants like anthuriums, orchids, and hydrangeas.
  • Durable and Robust: The stone wool material resists crushing and perishing, ensuring long-term performance.
  • Enhanced Root Development: The porous nature and ample air gaps facilitate fast root penetration, leading to vigorous and resilient plant growth.

How Does This Product Work?

Grocubes leverage the advanced NG2.0 substrate technology to create a perfect growing medium. The porous stone wool structure, combined with hydrophilic fibres, allows for rapid water absorption and excellent aeration. This feature ensures that your plants always have the right balance of oxygen and moisture, which is vital for healthy root systems and robust plant growth.

How Do I Use Grodan Grocubes?

  1. Position Grocubes in your container or bedding area.
  2. Utilise a drip irrigation system to maintain consistent moisture levels.
  3. Plant your chosen flora directly into the Grocubes.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of a well-balanced, sustainable growing medium that enhances plant growth and resilience.

Recommended Products for Enhancing Your Hydroponic System with Grocubes

  • Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles: These clay pebbles are an excellent addition to Grocubes, enhancing drainage and aeration. Their porous structure complements the Grocubes by providing extra support and stability to the root structure, ensuring an even distribution of nutrients and water. By integrating Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles, you create an ideal environment for robust root growth, which is essential in any hydroponic setup.
  • Origin Dripper System: This popular dripper system is perfect for maintaining optimal moisture levels within Grocubes. Its precise delivery of water and nutrients ensures that each plant receives precisely what it needs for healthy growth. The system’s compatibility with Grocubes allows for seamless integration, guaranteeing a consistent and efficient irrigation setup in your hydroponic garden.
  • Square Plant Pots: These pots are ideal for housing Grocubes, providing a sturdy and practical container for your hydroponic plants. Their square shape maximises space in your growing area, allowing for more plants in a limited area. The compatibility of these pots with the Grocubes ensures a snug and secure fit, leading to better stability and growth of your plants.
  • Square Saucers: Designed to fit perfectly under the square plant pots, these saucers are crucial for effective water management. They capture excess water and nutrient runoff, ensuring a clean and tidy hydroponic space. Their use prevents water waste and protects your growing area from moisture-related issues, making them an essential part of a well-managed hydroponic system with Grocubes.


Grocubes represent the pinnacle of hydroponic growing media. Their robust, long-lasting structure, combined with the ability to maintain an optimal air-to-water ratio, makes them an invaluable asset for any hydroponic gardener. Whether you’re cultivating ornamental plants like orchids and hydrangeas or exploring other container-based gardening, Grocubes offer the perfect environment for thriving plants. Embrace the future of hydroponic cultivation with Grocubes and witness a transformation in your garden’s health and productivity.

How Can I Buy Grodan Grocubes?

You can easily buy Grodan Grocubes from our website.

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